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6 Ways To Primp Yourself Before a Night Out

When you’re going out for the night, you want to make sure you look your best. Looking your best is much to do with the smaller details as it is the big details. I have a few must do’s that I swear by on a night out; they help me to look my best! Take a look and see what you think:

Preparing my Skin

My skin on my body and face needs to look it’s best if I’m heading out, so I make sure I prepare it properly. I usually start doing this a couple of days in advance; that’s how committed I am to having nice skin! I make sure I exfoliate and keep it moisturised. I’ll usually give myself a home facial the day before too. I always get in the bath first so that my pores are open and ready for hair removal. This ensures the smoothest skin possible. Once I’m out, I would love to wear one of the bathrobes by Richard Haworth so I can feel like a new woman! A smooth, moisturised skin is also a must! 

A Healthy Glow

A healthy glow makes me feel and look better instantly. I’ve used a number of self-tanners, but I really like the ones you apply in the morning and then shower off before getting ready! I’ve used instant tanners and although they can offer a good glow if it rains, it all runs off! 

Lip Exfoliant

Dry lips have no place on a night out. Use a good lip exfoliant to scrub them smooth, and then apply a good lip balm. This makes sure my lips look smooth, plump, and kissable for my night out. They’re in amazing condition to apply my lipstick then too! I like to keep up this routine when I’m not going out to keep them looking healthy. 

Curled Lashes

Curled lashes make such a big difference to your eyes. They open them up and make them look so much more fluttery. I like to heat the curlers up with the hairdryer before I use them to give the curl extra staying power. Curling your lashes can even eliminate the need for fake lashes! 

Polished Nails

Polished nails help to compliment your outfit perfectly. I can’t go out without polished nails! I like them to compliment my outfit usually, but sometimes I make them contrast if I’m feeling a little adventurous. I love patterns on my nails too

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening helps me to show off my best smile, but I don’t spend hundreds at the dentist. I buy tooth whitening strips and I’ll use one before I go out as I get ready. Sometimes, I’ll even do a course of treatments for up to a week before the occasion. Strips are so much easier to use, and you can get so much done while wearing them. 

If you use these must do’s before your night out, you’ll love the results! Promise.


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