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Boomf..... There it is.

I'm one of those ladies who loves a good concept, I find I want to try every new concept going - beauty boxes, food subscriptions, detox drinks, gizmo's that make things work better, Amazon subscriptions, TV packages and well everything in between. When I heard about a new product concept by a company called Boomf, chances are you'll have seen some of their adverts on TV by now and to be honest I initially had mixed feelings.

I loved how they had combined their product with social media - business wise its genius especially due to the huge popularity increase with Instagram and selfies but I couldn't help imagining the old foosty mallows that grannies had in their cupboards, you know the ones that taste all tough and bland but you know, being the forever optimist I had to find out more about Boomf.  I love the gift appeal especially because you can pick your own images to upload - each Boomf box holds nine marshmallows with each marshmallow showing a different image which can be taken straight from your social media accounts. The packaging is also letterbox approved - so important for those busy types who don't need the hassle of picking up parcels after work or relying on neighbours taking in parcels for you - no-one has time for neighbourly sneers. Oh, come on surely we've all those sneers at least once in your life? 

But then I was hit with the realisation again that these were marshmallows. Does anyone ever get overly excited by marshmallows? Would these marshmallows be really teeny tiny, would they hold an image well and would they even taste that good?

Having received my box and thoroughly tested the mallows, I can honestly say these look fantastic. Each image is printed onto the mallows, you're never going to be a crisp overly detailed look due to the mallows leathery texture but they do pick up quite a fair bit of detail which you can see from the image. You just can't really expect high gloss mallows now can you?

The size is deceiving as they're actually more than generous, they also look like they should be tough to eat, but again that's Boomf deceiving us as they're super soft, fresh and Moorish. If you've ever made your own homemade mallows then you'll understand when I say that a homemade marshmallow tastes nothing like a shop bought mallow and these bad boys taste homemade! *yum*

There are lots of ways you can use Boomf mallows - from eating alone to gifting, adding to cupcakes, sticking on sticks to make mallow pops or even as advertising. If you've got an announcement why not Boomf it - pregnant? Make some mallows to gift to your partner (remember to snap the look on his/her face as they open the box) or if you're getting married why not ask your friend to be a bridesmaid with a Boomf box.

Personally we're married, we're kiddied up to the eyeballs and sterilised so no big announcements coming from our end - we actually just enjoyed munching these as they came, straight-outta-the-box (my sons loved munching their own faces weirdly) while watching Disney movies.

Oh you can check out the website to find out how to get your mallow on too here


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