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Here's How I Make Sure My Family Stays Healthy

As a parent my families well being, and safety always has been my main concern and priority. It is so important to put your kids on the right path from day one. I have learned there are a few simple ways you can do this. I am not talking about complex psychological theories or the never-ending nature versus nurture debate. These are just the steps I have taken to ensure my children have the best chance to be physically healthy. 

Regular Exercise

This is easily one of the most important things you can do to ensure your child's well being. Particularly, if like me, you live in Scotland where child obesity is at an all-time high. Not all children like the idea of exercise so you should try and make it fun for them. Younger children usually love doing sports with their parents. Older children are more likely to lean towards doing an exercise with their school or their friends. Especially, if you can find an activity that they excel at.

Checkups At The Doctors

Your children should regularly be getting a check-up at the doctor's, at least once per year. Not all medical conditions have symptoms that can be seen. That is why it is important that your children regularly see a medical professional. If there is a problem, it is far better to know as early as possible. You should also take them to an optician quite often and have their eyesight tested. Young children in particular commonly do not notice their eyesight is bad and cannot tell you for themselves. This can lead to difficulties at school. 

Buying Meds 

Recently, I have heard that parents have stopped buying medication for their children when they have the flu or a virus. They believe that by buying antibiotics for every illness they are adding to the antibiotic pandemic. Or, they are simply trying to save money by paying for less. Personally, I would never do this when it came to my children's health. I always make sure they have the prescriptions they need. Also, you can easily make the cost cheaper with a prescription discount certificate in the UK or prescription discount card in the US. 

Limiting TV Time 

This is to do with ensuring your child stays in good shape. You want to start this at an early age rather than introducing it later in development. I do not allow my children to spend more than three hours a day in front of the screen. TV in excess has been proven to be bad for a child's eyes, their attention span, and their health. Taking this into account you should try find another activity to keep them entertained. 

Home Cooked Foods

As your children get older, they will encounter new things from different sources. This includes the type of food they eat. You cannot control what your children eat forever. Eventually, they are going to make their choice and possibly gorge themselves on junk like McDonalds or KFC. But you can always make sure they have the option of a good, home-cooked meal. That is the last thing I will continue to try and do to keep my kids healthy.

What are your top tips for growing healthy kids?
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  1. Love your blog! I am from India, mom to a four year old..I totally agree with all the points you shared!


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