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Instagram || 5 Accounts You're Going To Love

I love beautiful colour palettes, curated art and inspiring lifestyle pieces - that's why I am genuinely addicted to Pinterest. My second addiction has to be Instagram, more so for viewing other accounts rather than posting. 

Because it's a passion I am pretty tough on who I follow, I love accounts that flow really well, that have a theme or sorts or a personality trait that's uniform for 80% of the viewable account. Once I find that type of Instagram I'm hooked and that's why I bring you this list and what will be a new feature - these Instagrams are ones I will visit regularly, they always inspire me, they always drive me to live a beautiful life and they really do lift the stress that's on my shoulders at the end of the day. 

I hope you find some new favourites also: 

Evakrbdk || Cross stitch and tattoo extraordinaire. Eva's gone viral for her unique cross stitch inspired tattoos but taking a look at her Instagram it's fair to say she's not a one-trick pony. Her work varies from colourful iconic designs, feminine cross stitch and more spiritual pieces.

Pchyburrs || Curated Insta-art. Pchyburrs account is so serene but genius. As you move through her uploads you get a sense of her personality and although each image looks very simplistic you can automatically tell these must have taken a fair bit of creative thought to plan and execute. Procrastinators you'll be in awe of this account I promise you.

Briar Rose Blog || I love Briar Rose's blog but never considered taking a peek at her Instagram. Now that I have I'm absolutely hooked and it's one of a few accounts I'll head to Instagram regularly to eye-up. It's filled with Disney, femininity, and cuteness in bucket loads and every time I pop over there my wishlist grows and grows.

Leif Shop || A gorgeous account of purchasable goods, bohemian lifestyle images and artsy pics. This account feels like an extension of my own personality. It's inspiring, clean and unobtrusive. You're gonna love it.

Nectar and Stone || The prettiest foods you'll ever see! Chocolates, meringues, waffles, macarons and more all delivered in amazingly beautiful colour palettes that are feminine but grown up - after all, gold leaf on anything is so covetable isn't it and pink chocolate bars with popcorn - sign me up!

What's your favourite Instagram accounts, let me know in the comments so I can pop over and procrastinate some more.


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