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Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream Perfume || Six Ways

I remember first being taken by the fragrance at the age of four when my mum decided to burn a gorgeous frankincense and myrrh oil in the oil burner, the resinous yet sweet and warming scent pepped my interest and from there I kind of fell down the fragrance rabbit hole. My mum was never into the typical sweet and feminine types of scents, instead she preferred obscure brands or notes that were more unisex or male marketed - although 4711, Samsara and Opium were used on occasion. 

I remember wishing that she wore the typical female marked perfumes like my friends mum, wishing that she had a signature scent. I'm not sure why, though. Now looking back I realise she did indeed have her own signature scent and that was essential oils - patchouli, frankincense, sage, myrrh and lavender. 

Because of my mum's unusual preferences I too have become a bit of a fragrance snob, I know what I love and for a few years, I stopped buying big brand scents because they all started smelling similar. I hated that I was paying a fortune for an alcohol-based scent that everyone and their dog was wearing so, I didn't. I was lead to Etsy, at that time Etsy was a relatively new company and they had a section where you could post about your buying needs and sellers would bid on the job. I purchased so many custom blend perfumes through that service that I promised I'd never go back to 'typical' perfumes. 

Fast forward a few years and I read about a brand called Demeter who had created a fragrance based on the yummy Play-Doh scent and you know, I adore that scent! I purchased it. It was a typical perfume (not custom blended) but still totally unique. It was that perfume that leads me to fall in love with the Demeter brand and now the Library of Fragrance scents. These days they offer many singular scented perfumes - my favourites as Grass, Musk, Marshmallow and Incense. Because these are single scents you can effectively create your own custom blends just by mixing and matching various perfume notes. 

My work-go-to scent is three squirts of Musk and 2 squirts of Marshmallow which gives you a fantastic yin-yang scent that's suitable for work but still uniquely feminine to give you a confidence boost. The Library of Fragrance has just announced the arrival of Mint Chocolate Chip perfume which kinda feels like another yin-yang scent and has intrigued me. To show you that it's not a one-trick pony here are six ways you can create your own custom blended perfume with this gorgeous scent. 

Here goes: 
1 // First up you have the option of just going it alone. Mint Chocolate Chip is fresh, icy and minty, but the cream smoothes this out to a slightly sweet blend. Don't worry though the chocolate chips neutralise any ability for the sweetness to turn into a cloying mess so you are left with a minty, sweet but smooth perfume - YUM! 
2 // Mint Chocolate Chip  + Sunshine  | Brighten up your fresh, sweet and smooth blend with some light and airy Sunshine notes. If you prefer a fragrance that's light why not opt for three sprays of Sunshine and one Mint Chocolate Chip. If you want to ensure that your minty scent lasts a bit longer after dry-down then why not opt for three Mint Chocolate Chip and one Sunshine. 
3 // Mint Chocolate Chip  + Oud | Oud is a gorgeous resinous scent that's unisex and earthy. What these types of scents do is change fresh, sweet, oceanic or floral notes into a sexier more pheromonic fragrance. It's like you're combining the feminine and the male to create a perfectly balanced fragrance that's both suitable for men and women. I'd advise you to opt for three Mint Chocolate Chop and two Oud for a sexy scent or Two of each to freshen up the warm resins for a more unisex blend. 
4 // Mint Chocolate Chip  + Grass | OK hear me out with this blend. I have Grass and it's a sweet, earthy and fresh scent that's suitable for all seasons. If you prefer a fresh and airy scent that's feminine Grass combined with Mint Chocolate Chip is going to give you exactly that. The sweetness of the Grass scent and the balanced sweetness of the Ice-Cream would combine perfectly, add in the fresh earthy scent of cut grass and the earthy mint and again you can imagine why this would work. 
5 // Mint Chocolate Chip  + Snow | Prefer oceanic scents? While this won't give you full oceanic it will give you the icy air of an oceanic scent that's suitable for use out of Summer. Fresh and icy mint with cool and icy snow air will take centre stage with this blend. Yes the mint will give you a hint of sweet and bitter but that will only prolong the scent after dry-down. 
6 // Mint Chocolate Chip  + Dark Chocolate & Vanilla Ice-Cream | Foodie scent lovers rejoice! So by now, you realise that the bitter Chocolate scents add warmth and longevity to a scent, combining the Mint Chocolate Chip with at least one Dark Chocolate spritz you're going to have an absolutely perfect fragrance. If you prefer sweetness in your blend then the Vanilla Ice Cream is a must because it's also a creamy sweetness scent and isn't going to fight against the creamy sweetness of the Mint Ice-Cream. Why not try two squirts of Mint Chocolate Chip, one Dark Chocolate and one Vanilla Ice Cream. All the goodness of puddings without the calories, I don't know about you but I find wearing sweet scents actually stops me craving sweet foods. 

Which option would you choose? 


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  1. I love the way you describe these perfumes/scents - it makes me want to try them all :) but the one I would probably choose is the last one, as I love the scent of mint chocolate and vanilla.

  2. I'd definitely go for the option to include dark chocolate ...I'm a chocaholic,can you tell? ;-) I love library of fragrance. I own the scents Gingerbread & Grass & I love them! I definitely want more. xx



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