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Organise Yourself || Cute Stationery For Mum, Chosen By My Sons

Here in Scotland the schools went back at the start of the week and while I'm grateful to be back into the swing of things I have to admit I really felt like crying leaving my babies (P5 and P1) at the school, probably even more so now than I did when they first started school. I blame the hormones! 

In the lead up to going back we spent a lot of money on things that would get them in a good frame of mind for their return, organisation is key to success - or at least I fully believe it is and getting my sons to become naturally organised thankfully has been easier that I could have imagined. 

The key to getting it to work? cute stationery of course. 

We spent days window shopping together looking for pieces that would make them stand out and that show their personality without losing functionality. My eldest son wanted to make sure that if someone stole his pencil-case it would easily be defined as being his by the items in it - that's genius if I do say so myself *haha* Along the way I found my sons all having strong opinions on what I should be buying for my organise station (sort of a one-stop are in our home where they can do homework, we can pay bills etc). The boys know I have a weakness for journals, notebooks, pens and cute stationery pieces so they already have got to grip with my stationery style which tends to be either very girly, bohemian or very hipster.

 These pieces were their top picks.

I own around three main diaries and planners and I use each one almost daily. I have one at my work, one in my house as a family dairy where any new appointments or changes have to be written in (by any of us) as they arise and one that I take about with me, I also always carry a planner because of my brain being like a sieve.

I think the hardest part about becoming organised is implementing a change of routine, starting with a planner and spending an hour or so completely filling it in with all of the information you need at short notice will be enough to feel a difference, so much so that starting and maintaining a diary should come easily as a next step.

Needless to say, there was always going to be some poop's or bums in this because let's face it, poop and bums are hilarious to little boys. They genuinely thought my work colleagues would be jealous of this sharpener. While they may not be jealous it's definitely an ice-breaker, isn't it.

When they chose that bag I knew they 'got me' it's so bohemian and bright but still on trend and I am truly in love with it. They debated on a few bohemian styled bags, but this is the one they settled on because of the green zig-zags. The wood pencils were chosen because I currently use similar wood pencils for drawing, I love them as they're great for gripping even when my pains playing up and my grips quite weak.

The mustache was chosen by Coop my middle son, he loves the whole beard and 'stache thing which is blatantly obvious by his Youtube account 'Mustache Cop 26' - you should check it out and leave him a little comment if you have a moment because it would really make his day.

Overall I'm so happy with their choices - yes even the poop sharpener. What do you think you're children would pick for you and other mummies out there if they got the chance?

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