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10 Facebook Pages You'll Love || Part 1

Part one of my 'Facebook pages you're going to love' series. These are all pages that I've followed [sometimes for years] and have found their pages offer inspiration, honesty and lots of fun. I love the visual aspect of Instagram, I love the informative aspect of blogging and I love the social (well duh haha) aspect of Twitter and Facebook. These pages are a great mix of all 3, some of these pages I actually find far better than their actual blogs. 

There's a real mish-mash of pages from homemade creators, artists and bloggers. Each of them bringing a little bit of sunshine to a slow-moving social site. 

Here goes:

Moon to Moon || If you love bohemian inspired home decor or rustic lifestyles then this is a page you'll love. Even if you're not entirely boho-loving you're still going to feel inspired with the colourful photography and lifestyle friendly topics of interests. 

Alexis Southam Jewellery || Alexis makes really pretty silver jewellery that's miles apart from what other creators make. There's a definite nature feel with her designs with pieces including leaves, birds and animals. Honestly take a look you're going to fall in love with her designs especially as she posts works in progress posts which allows you to get a sense of the person behind the page.

Ana Bagayan || Aliens, UFO's and the otherworldly are the inspiration behind this page. Ana's art is out-of-this-world (excuse the bad pun). 

The Filigree || There's a fine line between utterly cute and fantasy like and weirdly-weird and The Filigree are miles away from the weird line. This page is run by a husband and wife team of creators, there are shots showing how they create these fantastical creatures and, if you happen to fall in love with one of these figurines expect to have to slog out the wait because these sell so fast (like eerily fast) due to their mahoosive following. 

Ban. Do || I've only recently found this brand and I'm in love. Cute stationery, organisers and product shots.

For Strange Women || I've been a long time fan of this gothic inspired scent brand (since the creation of Etsy near enough) and even to this day I can't help but be drawn in with her amazing product shots, her perfume concoctions and her product descriptions. I can't recommend her lip balms and her perfumes enough - and - if you're not into scents and balms then pour yourself over her gorgeous images.

Liberty London Girl || LLG is a blogger and like most bloggers her she likes to post about lifestyle and fashion. The difference here is that her Facebook is so pristine and pretty. Her FB is as equally gorgeous as her IG and that's saying something because FB pages have a tendency to become jumbled and mish-mashed don't they.

Free People || Free People is my go-to on Facebook and as a blog site. Yes,  I love their clothing (who doesn't) but I also love that they post incredibly helpful information, DIY and creatables and generally all round bohemian-themed posts that inspire me to no end. 

Skunkboy Blog || Back to school, new hairstyles, gorgeous clothing that makes me jealous because I'd look like an old hipster if I tried to pull them off and a splash of vintage. Lifestyle posts that will keep you on your toes - and - it's all so damn pretty.

Sugarlaws || Sugarlaws is the parenting version of Liberty London Girl. Nice posts showing their lives, some gorgeous product shots and thought out posts. 

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  1. I love discovering new bloggers so thanks for sharing this.

  2. great post love finding new inspirations!


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