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Bloom & Wild || Letterbox Flowers For £1

Bloom & Wild have been going strong for the last two years, I first heard about them right at the start of their business during the period of subscription box mania. It was one box however that I genuinely wanted to order but for some reason, I've always stopped myself, not because of the brand but because it was flowers.

I adore flowers but have never purchased any for myself. I've always felt that I was being too frivolous and greedy whenever I've gone to purchase them for myself especially since becoming a parent and so have relied on hubster purchasing them. Strange I know, I think it's due to social marketing that flowers are for 'gifts' and are a 'luxury' I really needed to break that train of thought though because there's nothing more pleasing than some fresh flowers bringing colour and scent into the home.

I've hinted about Bloom & Wild to hubster before, he got my cue about wanting flowers (it was thistles I hinted at) but went to a normal (overly hiked priced shop) flower shop and purchased lilies. Got to give him props for taking the hint even though he was way off and we can't have lilies in the house haha.


Last night, I saw some gorgeous Instagram pictures over on the Bloom & Wild Instagram and the need to purchase overtook me. I headed over to their website and found that they had a £1 offer on! It's not heavily marketed which is why I'm writing this post and I literally only found out as I went to subscribe.
I still haven't purchased any flowers for myself though because I picked up my £1 bunch to say thanks to hubster for doing so much recently and being utterly amazing. Unlike many other husbands I know he will appreciate them and I deliberately chose a bunch that were lily free, although there's a tick box at the bottom of the subscription section so you can choose to opt out of lilies if the one you pick happens to have lilies - our eldest son is allergic to them which is why we're going lily free.

I chose The Frances bunch which includes some gorgeous yellow and white flowers such as white alstroemeria, Madiba and solidago. This bunch is inspired by a classic English country garden and has the right amount of Summer in it to brighten up our home for a little longer.

As for the subscription, you can opt to continue your subscription (weekly, monthly, etc) at a cost of £15 per month - or - you can cancel at any point. Even after you've received your £1 bunch you're under no pressure to cancel - and - I checked out how easy it was to cancel because that's so important and it's as easy as going to your account and clicking edit subscription. It's because of how easy it was to cancel that I actually subscribed because there's nothing worse than being held into a subscription with a company that is a pain in the butt at canceling even when you request them too.

So how do you get your flowers for a £1? 

You can get your £10 off a bunch of flowers here and enter code ELYSE1 at checkout so you can get your flowers for £1 (just remember when you choose your flowers, click the subscription box rather than the one-off box to get your £1 flowers).  If you fancy popping my name into the ''been referred by a friend'' section then I believe you will get extra credit and so do I (my name's Elyse Silver). I would be grateful but of course, don't feel that you have to.

So basically getting 2 bouquets for £6 if you decide to use your £10 credit. The next bunch I promise will be purchased by me and for me. Time to shake off this guilt when I just want pretty flowers.

Edit: Bloom & Wild found out about my post and kindly gave me the code ELYSE1 so you guys can get your bunch for only £1! 


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  1. This sounds very good, I might be buying from them when I get home from holidays. I love flowers! Great blog xx

  2. That is such a good deal, I adore flowers but they always seem to be very expensive! Will check this site out!


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