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Calorie Free Girl Scout Cookies || Yankee Candle's Limited Edition Goodies

The Girl Scouts are a major organisation in the US who are known for selling 'Girl Scout Cookies'. Everyone knows this due to the inclusion of little kids selling these cookies on almost every American TV sitcom and comedy film but, I've never really paid any more attention to the organisation passed what's shown on the TV.

So I did a little research on them because I'm a little bit of a weirdo and really wanted to find out what the hell I was going to write about - The org was started by Juliette Gordon Low who was known as Daisy (so random, I know). Apparently, Juliette believed in 'the power of every girl' now that to me seems a little like a throwaway statement but oh well, I'm all for empowerment and boosting the confidence and skills of the younger generations.

Girl Scouts work to build character and confidence of the girls who attend the club, let's face it selling hundreds if not thousands of cookies to random strangers for barely anything in return is sure to build confidence and character - hells most people in the UK can't even stick out Avon or other MLM programs, but these little kids can - part of me is in awe - part of me is kinda disgusted at the self-entitlement on the org's part, but I'll not go into that right now.

Long story short the Girl Scouts and Yankee Candles collaborated on a limited edition collection Girl Scout Cookies Collection back in January which was inspired by the cookies. There are four scents and a varied product range which included Car Jars, Sleek Tumblers, Signature Apothecary Jars and the standard jars in this collection, but it's a US Limited Edition range which is completely pooping because it wasn't being offered to the UK market. I have however noticed some candles have started to trickle their way into the UK market via Amazon, Candle websites and eBay so yay to those people but nay to some of the ridiculous prices.
It's a given that these are more suited to the foody scent lover, they're also excellent pick-ups for the Yankee collectors who like to keep rather than burn. These were limited to the Girl Scout Cookie season and the US only so if you can pick them up, you will make pennies (lots of pennies possibly) back if you decide to sell in the future.

Thin Mints // So mouthwateringly real... The delicious scent of rich chocolate and cool, tingly mint.

Coconut Caramel Stripes // Almost good enough to eat. A tantalising fragrance of sugary caramel, warm chocolate, and fresh coconut.

Trefoils // Absolutely nothing compares to the irresistible aroma of buttery, just baked cookies.

Chocolate Peanut Butter // Everyone's favourite... A creamy combination of sweet chocolate and roasted peanuts tickles the nose.

So what do you think? Will this collection become a huntable addition to your Yankee Collection?


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