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Halloween 2015 || 3 Yankee Candle's US Accessory Collections

It's nearly Halloween!!!

If you're a wax lover or more so a Yankee Candle lover then you'll have been patiently waiting for the release of their Halloween range. For those like myself in the UK, the launched products were a huge letdown, especially in comparison to America's collection which is utterly amazing.

Here are three amazing accessory collections that I want and need in my life. The bad thing is I'll need to wait until they hit Amazon, FB or eBay before I can get my Yankee addicted hands on them.

△ Steam Punkin Collection 
Steam Punkin Witches Hat Burner | Steam Punkin Pumpkin Illuma-Lid | Steam Punkin Gears Illuma-Lid |  Steam Punkin Gears Candle Holder

I'm only just getting into Iluma-lids as I used to want to spend that money on more wax. I can absolutely see the pretty factor for them now though. I adore the Gears one because it's good for all seasons and not just Halloween. The same applies to the Gears jar holder too.

I seriously want that Witches Hat Tart Burner, why-oh-why haven't they released this awesome collection in the UK.
Steam Punkin Boot | Steam Punkin Pumpkin Jar Holder | Steam Punkin Hat Votive Holder | Steam Punkin Pumpkin Tea Light Holder

Cute factor. Not my style but I have seen images of some online friends who have the jar holders and they do look so cute. 

 Spellbound Collection 
Spellbound Flying Witch Votive Holder | Spellbound Sophia Votive Holder | Spellbound Mirror Mirror Tealight Holder | Spellbound Dancing Skeleton Votive Holder

Again another simple collection. The Mirror-Mirror tealight holder has sold out in many places for good reason - it's awesome! The votive holders remind me of last years Ghostly Treats packaging. 
Halloween Potion Tea Light Holders | Witches Cauldron Electric Tart Burner | Spellbound Flying Witch Shade | Spooky Gates Tart Warmer 

The potion bottles. who hasn't already decided to purchase those? The cauldron burner is my top pick from this collection, though.

△ Halloween Silhouettes 
Crow Votive Holder | Haunted House Jar Shade | Jack 'O' Lantern Pedestal Tea Light Holder | Foggy Nights Multi Tea Light Holder

Some of this collection has a Snow White evil step mum feel to it and I love it. Again this one's selling out so fast (which is why there are no links to some products).
Flying Witch Tart Burner | Batty Bats Jar Holder Lantern | Sophia Jar Holder | Batty Haunted House Jar Holder

Silhouettes seem to be a big thing this year for Yankee. Although they have their place I'm not feeling the pull but that being said many of them are still far better than our UK offerings. I'd have still considered that lantern of the Haunted House jar holder. 

What's your thoughts on these three collections? Which if any is your favourite? 

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