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How I Cook More Healthily With Clever Kitchen Appliances

I always try my best to have a healthy diet, no matter how much time I have to cook. It's important that my whole family gets all the nutrients they need, especially the boys who are still growing. Sometimes everyone needs a little help, though so I like to turn to gadgets and tools in the kitchen to help me cook more healthily. You can always find a healthier way of cooking something, whether it's steaming instead of boiling or using a low-fat fryer instead of a lot of oil. Here are some of my favourite healthy cooking gadgets that help me keep our meals nutritious.


It's not always easy to choose healthy drinks and snacks. That's why I think single auger juicers are essential for kitchens. You can turn any fruit or vegetable into juice in one quick and easy step with no cutting or peeling. I love to make lime, parsley, green apple and mint juices *yum*

Juice isn't just a drink either; it can make an awesome snack or even breakfast or lunch. Plus, you can heat it up and have it as a soup too if you want to (vegetables are recommended here). You can pack so much nutrition into one glass of juice. And a lot of people swear it's better than making a smoothie or eating the fruit and veg whole.


I use my blender a lot to make anything from smoothies to soups. It's another great way to get lots of vegetables or fruit into one meal or snack. An immersion blender, which you hold in your hand, is really handy for plunging into your pan of soup and whizzing some of it up. You can make it all smooth or you can leave some tasty chunks of vegetables. And if you have a glass that's big enough, you can stick your blender right in to make a smoothie without creating any extra mess.

Low-fat Fryer

Not too long ago, you would have to use a deep fat fryer if you wanted to deep-fry your food. While they might make delicious meals, they use an awful lot of oil. But with new low-fat fryers, you can use as little as a teaspoon of oil to fry lots of things. They make light and fluffy chips, and you can use them to make anything that you would usually put in a deep fat fryer. The difference, however, is that everything is much healthier because there's less oil and, you don't have to worry about causing yourself an injury when you put it away after dinner.


A lot of people boil their vegetables, but I often like to steam ours. If you boil them too long, you can be in danger of extracting all the useful nutrients. Plus, vegetables that have been overcooked give me bad memories of school dinners, who remembers their school dinners?. 

Steaming your veg gives you tastier food and helps to keep all the nutrients locked in too. Steamed carrots and broccoli are two of my favourites, and the boys love them too. You can buy an electric steamer or a simple steamer lid to go on top of your saucepans. Your choice of kitchen gadgets can make a difference in how healthily you eat. I love the tools that help me make healthier choices when I'm cooking. 

What's your ultimate kitchen gadget?


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  1. Nice article to read,planning to buy one for my home.

  2. All these kitchen appliances are just mind-blowing.Being a fitness trainer I always look for healthy recipes and oil-free dishes.My favorite one is Low-fat Fryer as this is a great gadget to make oil less delicious food.
    Thanx for sharing!!


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