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Miu Miu's First Perfume || Covetable 2015 Perfumes

Miu Miu was created by Miuccia Prada and born in 1993 selling high fashion clothing to young ladies. Miu Miu believed that women should be able to show all aspects of their personality rather than boxing themselves into one style personality such as sporty, serious, girly etc. Twenty-two years later and their values haven't changed, but there has been one change with the brand...

This month saw the launch of their first perfume - Miu Miu

The bottle alone is worth considering because it's so ornamental. Opaque blue, white and cherry red makes this the perfect dressing table addition. I wouldn't really expect any less from the brand and this shapely design is a real selling point. In my opinion at least. 

So what does this perfume smell like? 

Described as being a bright floral which is also ''unique, youthful, brightly coloured and sophisticated'' it's easily a scent that's more daytime than nighttime. The nose behind the scent is none other than Daniela Andrier who was also the nose behind Prada's Infusion Perfumes, Prada Candy Perfumes, Very Valentino, Marni For Women, Gucci For Women and Bottega Knot to name a few. This nose knows her way around a good powdery scent so I'm sure Miu Miu is going to be nothing other than utterly amazing. 

Akigalawood is the secret weapon with this blend because it was a note that Givaudan created to gives perfumes a warm vibrancy without being overpowering. Akigalawood is created with fractioned patchouli oil which can be described as being peppery and woody all at the same time. It's not quite, patchouli but smells just as good - honestly I do feel the akigala wood is a bit of a financial cop out just so they can save money but if the scent meets expectations then I suppose I can't really grumble too much. 

The rest of the scent blend contains lily-of-the-valley, jasmine and rose floral notes to open which are brightened with some fresh green middle notes which then settle on the specially created note above. Overall it's a very simplistic blend that's going to smell like a softened natural skin smell that should warm and develop according to your own body chemistry. 
If you only wear in-your-face perfumes it's not going to be the scent for you, unfortunately. If you're looking for a fragrance that's a perfect extension of your natural daytime scent - or - you work somewhere that you need to keep your scent to a minimum then it's a great option.

Prices range from £48 for the smallest and £92 for the largest; there will be three sizes available - 30ml, 50ml and 100ml's which are all available at House of Frasers and Harvey Nichols who also stock the body lotion and shower gel. 

What are your thoughts on that cute bottle guys? 


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