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Reasons to Quit Smoking Today

Smoking is a nasty habit. You might think that it’s not as bad they say it is, or that you haven’t been affected, but this isn’t the case. Smoking just a couple of cigarettes occasionally can take years off your life and as a parent it was the reason why I quit back in 2010. Don't get me wrong quitting was hard especially as I went cold turkey - the prescription tablets that are offered to patients on the NHS made me horrible sick so cold turkey was the only viable option. Nothing worthwhile ever came easy definitely applies in that situation. 

My kids are so happy that I quit and seeing their faces happy and healthy was worth it so, here are some reasons for you to quit smoking today:

Reduce Your Chance of Horrible Diseases
It’s no secret that smoking increases your chances of getting horrible diseases. You can get things like cancer, heart disease, and all kinds of other nasty illnesses just from smoking. These are painful, expensive, and usually end in death. Why would you want to put yourself and your family through that?

Live a Fuller Life
When you quit smoking, you’ll be able to live a much fuller life. You’ll be healthier and more able to do things than you would if you were hooked on cigarettes. People who smoke sometimes end up with an oxygen tank and have to take that with them everywhere they go. Let that sink in for a while. 

Live Longer
Avoiding smoke can help you to live longer. Smoking has been scientifically proven to shave years off your life, so you could die as much as 20 years earlier than you would normally. If you want to live to see your family grow up, you should quit smoking.

Spend More Time With Family
Stopping smoking will allow you to spend more quality time with your family. You’ll be able to watch your grandchildren grow up, and not one member will be encouraged to try this dirty habit because of you. 

Feel Better in General
You’ll feel so much better in general when you stop smoking. Your smell, eyesight, hearing, and breathing all improve when you quit. Smoking can permanently damage these things in the long term! 

Lots of Resources to Help
You have no excuse to continue smoking when there are so many resources to help. You have all kinds of programs you can sign up to, and you won’t be going through any of it alone. Hardcore smokers are quitting every day and feeling amazing for it. By simply purchasing an e-liquid from Flavour Factory you can make such a difference to your life. 

Save a Lot of Money
Smoking is getting more and more expensive as the years go by. You can save a hell of a lot of money if you just quit! You’ll quickly notice the pounds start to add up when you’re not spending so much money on cigarettes. 

Look Younger
You’ll look younger when you stop smoking too. Smoking dehydrates the skin and causes premature wrinkles, so when you stop you can stop this from happening. You can also take the steps to try to reverse the process a little. You don’t want all of those horrible little lines around your mouth, do you?

Hopefully, this post has convinced you to stop smoking for good. There are far too many benefits to quit, and absolutely none to continue. Be smart and stop right now!

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