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Yankee Candle || Out Of Africa Collection

What's your favourite Yankee scent? My favourite has to be Soft Blanket which is the perfect blend of white flowers and sultry amber. It's a long-lasting, warming and slightly sweet scent that travels throughout the house even when it's not lit. When Soft Blanket isn't available at my favourite store I tend to veer towards unisex, musky and resinous scents such as Blissful Autumn, Witches Brew, Patchouli (when it's available) or Frankincense. I rarely purchase airy scents or fruity scents for some reason.

Anytime YC release a new collection I can't help but wish it's going to be made with my favourite resinous and earthy notes that are suited more to the autumn season - most of the time there's one or two scents in the latest release that screams 'buy me' but so far I've never had that pull to purchase a whole collection.

That is until now.

Yankee Candle's summer-autumn 'Out of Africa' collection consists of Egyptian Musk, Kilimanjaro Stars, Madagascan Orchid and Serengeti Sunset.

This collection screams romance, inspiration and high summer don't you think? I love how they've taken somewhat blasé notes and blended them to become sultry and mature - Egyptian Musk has been sweetened with vanilla to create a more unisex appeal, Serengeti Sunset's dull blend (in my opinion) of fruits and flowers have been sexed up with amber and Kilimanjaro Stars airy scent has been completely overhauled with patchouli! Who'd have thought of combining cool mint and airy scents with patchouli......? A genius that's who!

The line-up includes:

Egyptian Musk | A prized treasure... a captivating musk with hints of vanilla bean and cedar wood.

Kilimanjaro Stars | Like nightfall on the ice-covered peak, crisp clear mountain air is laced with cool mint and earthy patchouli.

Madagascan Orchid | 'Intense and intriguing... the exotic perfume of this rare orchid holds an irresistible allure.

Serengeti Sunset | This enticing blend of fruit, citrus, lotus flower and amber celebrates the haunting beauty of the African sky.

I'd say I'm most excited about Serengeti Sunset and Kilimanjaro Stars, the thing is even is Kilimanjaro Stars had been a terrible scent the label alone would have to lead me to purchase it as it's so beautiful. I keep planning to purchase these but in all honesty, I was blinded by the Halloween scents so this collection fell to the wayside. I do however plan to rectify this blip this month.

The collection is now available from the usual waxy stores online and offline. Which scent has you intrigued or have you sniffed these already?


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