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Benefit Cosmetics || Limited Edition Swarovski They're Real Mascara

Limited edition They're Real Mascara.

Limited Edition.

They're Real Mascara...

If this post ended right now those five words above are enough to describe how utterly amazing this is. They're Real is the mascara to beat all mascara's so when Benefit Cosmetics launched a new variation, hells I'm all over it!

This time, they've kept the formula the same (phew) but glitzyfied it up to the hilt with some genuine Swarovski's and a matte black packaging. I don't know about you, but packaging plays a huge part in whether I buy something or not, I know it's terrible, but it's true.

This mascara also is the only one that makes a noticeable difference on my short and thin spider leg lashes I can't help but be excited about this launch. Enough said really.

It's available over on Benefit Cosmetics here just now *wink*


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  1. I've used the Benefit They're Real Mascara (got a free sample from Sephora) and found it overhyped and overrrated to be honest. Didn't do much for my lashes even though I used the brush as directed (used it horizontally as well as vertical)... I've gotten better results with Loreal Telescopic and the Maybelline Illegal lengths fibre mascara.


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