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Celiac Approved Ilumi Snack Pots | Now Also Available in ASDA's.

Ilumi have pulled it out of the bag with their latest noodle launch guys and I mean that with full gusto. I've previously discussed my love with this brand, as a diagnosed celiac I get easily excited about celiac approved products that are a) homemade tasting b) nutritious c) fill me up d) affordable and the big one e) don't taste like cardboard. Ilumi in my opinion ticks every box. 

I've tried most of their meals since their inception and there have maybe only been two or three I wasn't hugely fussed over but on the same note there were ones that I would eat every day until the day I died - I'm looking at your Pea and Ham Soup and Kerala Chicken Curry. 

One of the problems I've had over the last year has been work. More so lunchtimes or any breaks. In my current role, my colleagues usually have their breakfast, some have rolls on a Friday and of course, there's daily lunch. I like to be organised with my work meals because I suffered from daily nausea and there's no way I could forgo eating or I'd be spending my day hugging the China bowl. And, I also love eating so there's that also. Yes, there is celiac approved bread which I do use sparingly and when there's nothing else because it tends to be flimsy and fall apart easily - not very appetising is it? I used to wish there was something 'snackable' something I could make at work quickly and eat while I worked. I ashamedly did try eating something non-celiac and had to double dose on my prescription antihistamines - it wasn't worth it at all. Neither was it worth it snacking down on junk and sweet treats - ask my hips they'll tell you why. 

You can imagine my daily dilemma. That is until Ilumi announced their Rice Noodle Snack Pots. 

The pot contains a ball of dried noodles and a sachet of powder flavouring. You simply add the sachet of flavour to the noodles and fill the cup up to the line with boiling water very much in the same way as a Pot Noodle. The noodles become edible within minutes and unlike Pot Noodles they're lush. These noodles are silky and very much true to what a noodle should be like. They taste like homemade noodles!

The sauce and flavouring again taste homemade rather than plastic-like. After eating these, I was left full and satisfied and there was no horrible after taste, side effects or nausea (like I get with many foods).

I've tried all of the available four flavours which are:

  Sweet Chilli Snack Pot // Classic sweet chilli sauce flavour with mild heat with spring onion and red pepper veggies.

  Tom Yum Snack Pot // Chili, coriander and ginger flavoured broth with red pepper, mushroom and leek veggies.

  Vietnamese Beef Pho Snack Pot // Delicate spicy beef stock with coriander, mushroom, leek and red pepper.

  Singapore Snack Pot // Singapore-style curry sauce with spring onion, carrot, red onion and peas.

You can eat these also until your heart's content because they're low in calories and fat. The calorie content for each is - 259 calories (sweet chilli), 247 calories (Tom-yum), 251 calories (Vietnamese Beef Pho), 249 calories (Singapore).  Awesome huh! These would make excellent additions to any healthy eating, weight loss or insulin resistant diets you may have going on and I do feel that these snacks and my new insulin resistance PCOS medication has been what's led me to lose ten pounds in little over a week.

And more good news... They're available in ASDA's. The snack pots and the meals are available which makes my meal planning so much easier. Hubster came home last week grinning from ear-to-ear and wanting to show me what he'd bought me and you guessed it, he'd picked up some snack pots and some Kerala Chicken. He's a good egg that man. Onwards and upwards Ilumi! I'm hoping they're going to bring out some prawn flavours or some spaghetti bolognese flavour or some chicken stroganoff *drools*

Which flavour are you going to pick up first? The snack pots cost £1.99 on the website and £1.75 in ASDA's (online they're a larger pack weight hence the price difference). I can assure you that if you were to simply live off these (3 per day) you wouldn't go hungry.

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* PR sample & I've since purchased many on my own - all words are my own *

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