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Festive Gift Guide | 4 Christmas Skincare Launches Heading Your Way

The big ''C'' is nearing closer and closer and as hard as it is to hear it, you're going to have to start preparing for the festive season soon if you want to get ahead. More and more families are starting to shop earlier, organise earlier and save earlier - because of this things pretty much sell out by the beginning of November leaving the actual festive season stressful if there are specific things you're hoping to buy. 

To get your inspiration flowing these four products have either just launched - or - are due to launch soon. Get a step ahead of others by making your must-buy list now and snagging what you can as it launches...
I Love... Christmas collection

Festive Joy | Cherry almond sparkle bubble bath & shower creme with a body wash puff.
Lots of Bubbles | [Exclusive to Argos] Six mini bubble baths in Spiced Cinnamon, Mixed Berries, Iced Cookie, Chocolate & Orange, Cherry Almond Sparkle and Sugared Cranberry scents.
The Bag of Love | Cherry almond sparkle bubble bath, raspberry & blackberry body butter, raspberry & blackberry spritz in a pretty (but large) makeup bag. 
The Big Barrel of Love | Cherry almond bath, cherry almond body butter, cherry almond spritz, raspberry & blackberry hand lotion in a pretty metal barrel. 
The Big Weekender | Cherry almond bubble bath, cherry almond body butter, cherry almond spritz, raspberry & blackberry hand lotion, raspberry & blackberry smoothie in a gorgeous holdall.  
The Little Bag of Love | Cherry almond bubble bath, raspberry & blackberry spritz and a white body puff. 
Perfect Party Pack | [Exclusive to Primark]
Delicious Duo | [Exclusive to Primark]

Prices vary from £2 to £30 and Superdrug currently has a sale on so some of these gift sets which they've priced with up to 50% off. These make great options for those trying to reduce their Christmas spending.

I absolutely adore Aromatherapy Associates which is why they're making it onto this list. They're so simplistic but luxurious and an absolute dream to use. You know when you see movies and the ladies are always in deep bliss because they've been pampered, so you try to have a pamper day at home and it's never that good...it's because you're not using AA. 

The start of the month saw the launch of their Clear Mind Bath & Shower Oil. This was a collaboration with Liberty. This particular design is, of course, limited which makes it all-the-more covetable. 
The bath & shower oil is formulated with palmarosa, bergamot, frankincense and chamomile essential oils which alone are super beneficial to our whole bodies, here's why...

Palmarosa | Helps you to 'cool' down, kills bad bacteria, aids digestion & promotes healthy cell renewal. 
Bergamot | Did you know that it's the addition of bergamot in tea that takes it from being just 'tea' to making it 'Earl Gray', it's a natural antibiotic, naturally lifts depressive moods, relaxant, helps to reduce scars and scar tissue, reduces fever & improves skin issues. 
Frankincense | Immune system booster strengthens hair, regulates the menstrual cycle, anti-ageing, helps and strengthens all bodily systems, diuretic & reduces stress.  
Chamomile | Anti-inflammatory, relaxant, reduces perspiration, cools the body down, helps fight depressive moods, sedative, improves circulation & helps to reduce pain. 

Balmi have launched three new high shine lip balms in metallic tins, especially for the festive season. Flavours include Cherry, Roseberry or Blackcurrant and each balm costs £4.99. These three and other Balmi products are available at Urban Outfitters
Liz Earle Radiant Wishes Christmas Collection

Launching in November Liz Earle have been inspired by the magic of Christmas. A bit corny yes but anyone who's tried this brand before will know how amazing the products are.

Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser | Limited edition pink pepper & mint.
Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser | Limited edition sweet orange & mint.
Superskin Botanical All-Stars | Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, Instant Boost Skin Tonic, Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion & muslin cloths. 

And then there are these gift sets although I don't have the product run down for them yet: 

Sparkling Skin Duo | Botanical Skin Saviours Glossy NailsRomantic Candle Beauty Icons Beauty Favourites [Exclusive to Boots] | Christmas Daily Essentials  [Exclusive to John Lewis] | Men's Great Skin. 

What do you think of this line-up? I think they're all fab (otherwise why would they be featured?) but I especially love the sound, and look of the Aromatherapy Associates Clear Mind Bath & Shower Gel. 


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  1. This post comes at just the right time. Great ideas for my mum's Christmas pressie.

  2. Love the idea of the Liz Earle collection. Might add that to my own list! :-)


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