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Models Own || Twilight Hypergel Collection 2015

Everyone loves a good lick of polish from time-to-time to make you feel glam and put together, I know I do. The only thing that stops me from wearing polish all the time is my frustration with chipping - who has time to apply, remove and reapply almost daily? Not me that's for sure. Because of my chipping bug-bear I am a little bit snobbish with what brands I use - I adore Nails Inc, Nailberry, Seche, Models Own and Barry M from time to time. OPI's always been pretty hit or miss but it doesn't stop me from fawning over their new shades every time there's a new collection launching.

This time round the fawning is over Models Owns Hypergel Collection for AW15. Just launched, this collection boasts of thirteen high-gloss, gel-effect shades that will carry you throughout the year let alone autumn.

The lineup includes:

Jet Black // As black as midnight. This isn't shown in the image above but it's a true black.

Lunar Grey // Metallic silver because autumn wouldn't be autumn without some metallics. This is on the bottom row, second from left.

Everyday Grey // The perfect on-trend grey that would fit right in with your rich tones in autumn and your pastels in spring. This is on the bottom row, third from the left.

Grey Storm // Yeah don't be fooled by the name, personally this is beige with a warm hint of caramel. This shade is on the bottom row on the right.

Teal // Typical teal mid-tone. This shade is on the bottom row, third from the right, although in person it's more teal than blue.

Deep Sea // This colour is amazing. It's the best of a blue-green world, I'd akin it to a gothic teal with a teeny touch of grey tone behind it. This is on the bottom row, second from the right.

Hot Chocolate // Rich and luxurious chocolate. This is on the bottom row on the left. It's less black-brown and definitely more chocolate in person.

Sweet Sherry // A sherry wine tone red with a brown undertone. This is on the top row, second from the left.

Heather // I'd have expected some mauve, almost lilac tone this shade but Models Owns 'Heather' is just one shade down from the Sweet Sherry tone above. This is on the top row, on the left.

Robin Red // Robin Red or letterbox red, either way this is red! This is on the top row, fourth from the right.

Marsala // A spicy red. This was the colour for 2015 according to Pantone. This is on the top row, third from the right.

Loganberry // A gorgeous red with a pink undertone. This is on the top row, second from the right.

Cashmere Rose // A pretty rose-pink. This one was a surprising addition as it's typically more suited to spring but I think it pairs really nicely with the richer tones in the collection. This one's on the top row, on the right.

I've always found hi gloss colours last longer than say, metallics or certain textural polishes. Models Own have always been good in terms of wearability and durability and they only cost £4.99 each so are affordable too.

While these are gel effect polishes they are easy to remove with nail polish remover. I used to get gel polishes but found my nails went through hell, they become seriously dry, no amount of balms or creams were making them look normal and it took months of continual upkeep to get them back to a somewhat normal state. Even now I find my ability to wear nail products is reduced because my nails dry out really badly. So, I do think that opting for gel effect polishes is a safer option, at least your nails really can maintain their moisture and you get the added benefit from hi-gloss, plump looking colour for as long as you wish.

What are your thoughts on this collection? Are there any colours you find you buy in autumn over others?


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