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Pampering Ideas For Hardworking Women

Working mothers. Stay-at-home mothers. Single ladies. Retired ladies. Whatever your situation, all ladies deserve some 'me' time once in a while. There are lots of different ways to be self-indulgent for the day. Whether relaxing alone or with friends, treat yourself now! Here are some ideas to get your inspirational cogs turning...


Spas are the essence of relaxation. Tranquil surroundings. Soothing music piped into treatment rooms. Saunas, swimming pools and steam rooms. Spas are the quintessential pampering experience. Spas commonly offer visitors a choice of pamper packages. Whether you want a full body massage, head and shoulder massage, manicure, pedicure, or facial. There is plenty to choose from so you can pick the package that meets your relaxation needs.

Afternoon Tea

A timeless tradition, afternoon tea is an elegant pastime enjoyed by ladies for years. Afternoon tea was once a pursuit reserved for the wealthy. Today, it is enjoyed by all. It consists of a range of finger sandwiches, scones, and a selection of delicate pastries. A choice of tea or coffee is a fine accompaniment. Many afternoon teas include a glass of champagne too for that extra special indulgence.

Hair Salons

Arranging to have your haircut is a necessity. But having a professional hairstylist style your hair is an indulgence. Book a top-class salon and treat yourself to a professional up-do. Coincide it with an evening function so you can parade yourself with confidence! Flick through a glossy magazine while sipping a glass of something chilled. Enjoy being looked after and allow the professionals to make you shine.

Nail Salons

Nail varnish application is a skill. Although most of us try it at home, our rudimentary efforts are no match for the professionals! A French manicure, gel nails or buff and polish are amongst the many options to try. An afternoon at the nail salon is a fine way to reward those hardworking hands. Be adventurous with new nail techniques. Opt for bold colours you wouldn't normally wear. Create a perfect ten with fingers to make your friends jealous! 

Overnight Stay

A true treat for a woman with responsibilities is an overnight stay in a hotel. A bed you don't have to make. A bathroom you don't have to clean. And a chance to channel hop while consuming the complimentary biscuits! Treat yourself to a top City hotel and enjoy a night of pure indulgence. Seek out the best London stay, New York hotel or Parisian boutique. Book your choice and start packing that overnight bag.

Retail Therapy

Women love to shop. That's the general view anyhow. So what greater way to indulge than to treat yourself to a new wardrobe? Hit the High Streets for bargain buys. Or indulge in a spot of boutique hunting for that dream designer dress. Pick out matching accessories to complement your new outfit.

For an extra treat, book a session with a personal shopper. Many stores operate this service. It's a great way to seek a professional's advice on the styles and colours that suit you best. Go on, treat yourself! You deserve to be spoilt. So which option fits your idea of pure indulgence?


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  1. These are all lovely! My favorite self-indulgence is a day at Drybar for a blow-out with some champagne! :)

    1. Sounds like bliss! I could do with that right now haha x


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