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Winter Is Coming! || I've Got Some Fun Activities In Mind

I had to put extra layers on this morning I was so cold! It seems we are truly past all the delights that summer brings. We’re definitely heading into the throes of Autumn if all the brown leaves are anything to go by. Of course, the kids love it. I think they pride themselves on making the biggest pile of leaves to jump in. I’ve already pulled a few yucky ones out of their hair this week.

Boys will be boys. What’s really exciting them though is the promise of winter just around the corner. There’s nothing they love more than rolling around in the snow. Each of them made snow angels a couple of years ago, and it was just the most beautiful sight. Then they jumped up and had a snowball fight! My boys love being active and having as much fun outdoors as they possibly can.

This year, I’m sure they’re hoping to get stuck in some snow drifts and make giant snowmen. I can just see them now strapping tennis racquets to their feet pretending they’re snowshoes. The snow boots for boys are already in the stores, so I’m guessing the retailers are confident we’re in for some.

To be sure of snow, though, you have to head out of Britain and toward more Northern parts of Europe. I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong with places like Sweden or Norway and Finland. For the amazing wealth of winter activity ideas, it could be worth a winter holiday away this year. Trekking through the snow and seeing some of the wildlife that lives there would be an incredible experience now the three boys are a bit older. I think it would be pretty amazing for Hubs and I too.

Then, of course, is Lapland. The three of them are just about young enough to be pretty impressed with visiting reindeer and the home of Father Christmas. I always dreamed of doing that when they were tiny, so maybe it’s something to try this year. I can just imagine the kids and I dog sledding across the snow toward polar bears!

Back home, the kids will be keeping busy with preparations for Halloween and Fireworks Night this month. We’ve been looking at themed candles and candle holders already. I think they’re all pretty excited about dressing up for a Halloween party. I’m going to be putting on a few things around that time, so I’m secretly even more excited than they are! Of course, if it snows as well, the boys will be in heaven!

As it gets colder, the thought of heading somewhere even colder can be a little bit much for some. But when you’ve got excitable and energetic boys like mine, the look on their little faces will be enough to warm anyone up! So I guess it’s off to the clothing stores now. It’s definitely time to pick up some scarves, hats and gloves to keep us going for another wintry season. I might just pop by the travel agent and pick up some winter holiday brochures too!

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  1. Oh absolutely Jessica, for me once the cold sets in I come to realise Summer's gone (secretly Autumn's my favourite season anyway). Box sets - oh absolutely! box sets, nice jim-jams, home baking and stodge are absolutely my thing at this time of the year.

    Which box sets are you currently into at the moment? We've just rewatched the Flash and New Girl for the third time *haha* x


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