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6 Things I've Learned About Driving Over The Years

There's no denying that it's a profound feeling when you pass your driving test. But, your brief supervised stint on the road is beyond compare when it comes to solo driving! I must say that I'm not someone that always enjoys driving these days.

If I can opt for another mode of transport, I'll probably take it. Some of you reading this might think I don't like driving because of a lack of self-confidence. But, it's just more down to the daft things motorists do on the road!

In the last few years, I've learned a few things from my experiences. Here are six of them that you might be interested in knowing about:

You're more likely to get stopped by the police

These days there is a higher chance of getting stopped by the police. Some folks moan they should go and "catch some real criminals" instead of doing spot checks. But, their job is to take dangerous drivers - and cars - off the road.

Budget tyres are a waste of money

Whenever my car needed new tyres, I'd just go for whatever was the cheapest option. What I never knew at the time was what a waste of money they are! They never seem to last as long as you'd expect, and they often have problems like punctures.

One day my other half persuaded me to get some new Continental Eco Contact 3 MO tyres. They lasted almost twice as long as my budget tyres, and I never once had a puncture!

Paper maps are a thing of the past

I remember my parents used to have a collection of maps for various parts of the UK. They'd often spend time studying them, only to end up going to the wrong places! When sat-nav devices first became affordable, I was one of the first people that I know to buy one. Now I rely on it to give me directions to unfamiliar places. And, guess what? I never get lost!

Never rely on people to know what they're doing

Sometimes driving a car is a draining experience. Why? Because you always have to try and anticipate the actions of other motorists! They don't always do the manoeuvres you think they'll do.

Yes, you get taught to observe your surroundings wherever you drive. But what they don't teach you in your lessons is that you'll often come across folks that seem to daydream!

Music with a fast tempo makes you drive fast

Are you a fan of drum and bass music? Maybe you like to listen to techno on your travels? Did you know that the music you play in your car will affect your speeds? Hubster did a little music experiment on me last week. I can confirm that music DOES affect your speed and isn’t an urban myth! If you want to keep your licence - and your life - slow your music down!

Your mirrors are probably adjusted wrong

I always used to think that you should adjust your mirrors so that you can see the side of your car in them too. Only last week I learned that is wrong!

You're supposed to adjust them, so your car is just out of sight in the mirrors. That way, you'll end up having more of a view of the world behind you.
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