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Cheltenham 2016 || A fashion preview

March might seem ages away at the moment, but if you're lucky enough to be off to Cheltenham for the races this year you'll need to start looking for that perfect outfit soon. But how can you make sure you get the right look for one of the fanciest race events of the year? Here's a look back on some of the fashion that made headlines last year and a look at what might make headlines this year.

Colour was a big theme for Cheltenham fashion in 2015, but the most stylish outfits mixed a splash of colour with monochrome. There were plenty of examples of this with ladies teaming pops of red with black and white outfits. The bold red makes you stand out but the black and white pattern on top makes it look smart and stylish. Other colours that were popular last year was the gorgeous mustard colour that was a hit on the high street. If you do want to go in your traditional little black dress, a mustard scarf, clutch bag or pair of heels will give it that bit of excitement you need for the races.

Surprisingly sensible coats were also a big hit in 2015. Tweed coats use to be only seen on men at the races, but last year the women made them look glamorous. Dark green and greys were the most popular shades at the races last year. Staying on the 40s theme, fake fur was also seen on a huge amount of women last year. A full-length fur coat might be too much, though, instead chose a shorter jacket that comes to the waist or a coat with a fur trim.

Whilst we're talking about fake animal fur, one thing that you might want to avoid this year is the animal print. It's been extremely popular of the last few years, and it's more than likely that you have a piece in your wardrobe, but the style might have had its day. Especially on a day where you want to look like a million dollars, it's a style best to avoid.

Of course no matter how hard you try, all this race course fashion often doesn't come cheap. If you want more money to spend on your outfit then you can save on your horse racing bet for Cheltenham 2016 by betting before you get to the race course. Bookmakers at the race course often don't give you the best odds. Betway are already giving odds on Cheltenham 2016 and will even give you a free bet if it's your first time.

So when you start looking for your racing outfit remember these three things. Don't be scared by a bit of colour, coats still can be fashionable and avoid animal print.

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