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Competition | Hack Your Biome With uBiome

Did you know that I currently have a competition on over on Facebook? If you did and you've entered then high five! if not....why not? 

You've heard read about my allergies, celiacs and autoimmune issues and how they've taken control of my life. To this day they're still very much present but I've managed somewhat to try and change my life to suit the conditions. I tried everything to ''cure'' myself or to get my conditions to the point of them not being problematic. It so far hasn't worked. I decided to strip back everything I was doing so I could pinpoint a system that was making everything worse and what that came down to was the gut. 

The gut impacts your digestion (of course), it's also the centre of your immune system and is hugely connected to your thyroid and hormones. If your gut isn't working correctly then neither will the rest of your bodily systems, this is when everything starts to go downhill and illness hits. To get back on track ideally you'd need to tackle the ill health by going back to the beginning issue and in most cases, it would be your gut, it's biome and function. However, most people are so ill, fatigued or weak from being ill that the last thing you'd want to do is strip back your health care to tackle it and I say that from experience. Being ill sucks! I'm sure many of you can agree. 

I decided at the beginning of the year that I was finally at the stage of wanting to amend my gut to improve everything else but after trying all of the types suggested cures such as prebiotics, probiotics, yoghurt, raw food and lots of fruits and veggies but I actually ended up far sicker. 

Eventually, I found out there were varying genetic mutations going on which impacted what I was doing. I was gutted (bad pun). I then found out about a small startup called uBiome that offered tests which could show you what bacteria's you have in your own body. For me, knowing that I could find out my own guts biome and make changes meant so much. I was excited once again. 

Actually knowing what's going on in YOUR body rather than what textbooks or medical journals discuss (for the most part they're basing their references from average people so it doesn't always fit everyone's situation) as being standard was not only super interesting but would cut down months if not years worth of personal studying about the gut's bacteria, testing out varying products and trying diets that may have failed. This would save me so much time, so much money and hopefully it would help me get back to fit and healthy quicker. 

When you're ill time means everything. It's worth more than any priceless gem or winning lottery ticket and uBiome were the company that was offering it! 

I actually contacted the company to tell them my story and to see if they wanted to collaborate on this competition. You know what it's one of the very few times I've ever done that and I'm not ashamed. What drove me to contact them was knowing that this test may help some of you back to full health. I know most of you have families, loved ones and people you're close to. Ill health robs you of that and if this can help in any way then the competition has been so worth it and so worth embarrassingly asking if they wanted to collaborate. Of course, uBiome completely understood as it's one of their driving forces to. They initially started as they were driven by a need to find out if the gut impacted fibromyalgia. A condition that many of us ladies and gents have. uBiome is basically the company version of us, they get us, they understand our needs and their products will hopefully be the first step to improving that. 
▼ So What Can You Win? 

uBiome have kindly gifted me 4 kits. I've taken one myself so there are 3 up for grabs. Each winner will win 1 uBiome Gut Kit which is worth $89. The kit contains everything you need to take your sample and to send it off to uBiome. Once it's been sent away to uBiome you'll be able to track your sample on the website. Once it's been processed you'll have access to your results via their website. Of course, your sample, your details and your results are kept private and confidential.

▼ Keep in Mind 

The only thing you'll need to pay for is the shipping which cost me less than £3 to send the sample back to uBiome using the envelope provided in the kit. Results can take 2 to 6 weeks although uBiome are trying to reduce that timeframe for all future samples. Personally I think this timeframe is OK as it's the same as 23andMe.

▼ How To Enter 

Hippocrates said '' All disease begins in the gut'' 

You know what I believe this is right. If you have known medical issues, have a change in your energy, fitness or have a condition that's undiagnosed then I'd urge you to enter. Also on the same note if you're fit and healthy then this could help because knowing what bacterias make up your healthy biome could be a great reference incase your health does change. Knowing what made you healthy would be easier to get back to.

You can enter below via Rafflecopter or head to the giveaway tab on my Facebook. Both Rafflecopter forms are linked so it really doesn't matter which one you enter from.

▼ T&C's 

-There will be 3 separate winners. The prize includes 1 uBiome Gut Testing Kit worth $89 per kit. 
- The competition ends midnight on December 1st 2015. 
-The prize will only be sent within the EU & America.
-All entries will be checked for validity and entries that do not meet the competition's rules will be deleted without notification. 
-You must be 18 years or older to enter. 
-This is in no way held with Facebook. 

- Once you win your kit you do not have to send a sample if you change your mind. It's entirely up to yourself what you do with the kit. 
- Postage of the winning prize will be sent via a tracked method. 

-Postage of your sample to uBiome using the envelope provided in the kit is paid for by yourself. At your own discretion. It cost me personally less than £3 to send mine back. 
-There are no monetary swaps and you're prize cannot be changed for another product.

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