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Date Night Cheats To Maximise Your Time With Your Partner

When you have children, date nights are a really great way to ensure you still have a little quality time with your husband each month. The trouble is, they always fall on a date when you are super busy! Getting ready for an evening can be a challenge when the kids are around your ankles getting excited about the babysitter. You might already have had a long day at work too. So how do you make the most of that precious couple of hours?

The first thing to do is to start preparing the night before. If you’re treating yourself to a new dress or some new makeup, you need to start even earlier! It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping for plus size clothing for women, a size 6 or anything in between. You should treat yourself to make this date night extra special. Go for a glamorous and chic style that suits your body shape. 

Put all the parts of your outfit on a hanger, including the accessories. You can even hang your jewellery choices on if you pop them in a little jewellery bag. This will save you a lot of time on the night. Make sure your shoes are with it too. Hanging it all in this way lets you have a look at the outfit altogether to be sure it all works as an ensemble. 

Next, prepare the makeup you will be wearing. Do your nails ahead of time. If the kids start to get more demanding, you might have a problem getting it to dry. Try to do it the night before if it’s hard-wearing. Set out the shadow, blush and gloss you want to wear. Finally, pick out a good eyeliner that you can apply in a hurry if necessary.

Getting your hair right can take some time. If you can’t get to the salon in your lunch break, then give yourself enough time to style it before you head out. Find an activity to keep the kids amused for twenty minutes. A board game or a DVD can be helpful in these circumstances. If you have your date night on the weekend, why not see if you can enjoy a pamper day at the spa, to make the whole day special for you?

Booking a taxi in advance saves you having to wait for a car to head out for your date. Many firms are happy to take orders early in the morning for the evening. Book your babysitter to arrive thirty minutes before you have to leave. If the babysitter is late, you should still be able to get away on time. Prepare your handbag the night before, so you only need to slip in your phone and keys to head out the door. Finally, withdraw some cash during the day ready to cover tips and cabs.

Getting ready can take hours if you’re not properly organised, especially if the kids want to play. To maximise your time with them, but still enjoy a wonderful night out, try some early preparations. Have a wonderful evening.


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