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Hello Fresh || Taking a Peek at What's Inside...

With our impending house move it's fair to say we're trying to get organised but I still feel like everything's ready for getting away with me. I hate feeling so out of control and rushed which is why I've reconsidered subscribing to another shopping and food service such as Hello Fresh. It was only the other night when I was considering how to make this transfer from house-to-house more seamless that I realised hells, I hadn't hit ''publish'' on my previous HelloFresh purchase from back in March *oops*.

Again back in March, we were going through a lot of change and stress. My mum was taken into hospital in January and was in intensive care, honestly, we weren't sure if she'd pull through so you can imagine why shopping, bill paying and generally living a normal life wasn't important. At the same time, both my husband and I started new jobs and what was our 'normal' life completely changed. HelloFresh offered us one less stress while still ensuring that we all, as a family ate the right food to keep us pushing through.

The box arrived all neatly packed and was filled with a wool layer to ensure everything was kept safe, secure and fresh. It actually smelled like a fresh farm (in a nice way of course). The veggies and meat were kept separated - the meat was double-wrapped in a bag, the veggies and accompaniments were in a kraft box. There were an information booklet and three recipes.

When subscribing you have the option of what box you want to subscribe too, we chose the classic box because we wanted to try it first before really committing to a larger box such as the family box. The classic box allows you to choose either three recipes of five recipes. I figured if I loved the three recipes included, I could simply repurchase the ingredients from the supermarket when things settled down.

Here's what was included in my box:

And everything layout out nicely...

Biona Tinned Lentils | Black Sesame Seeds | Honey | Soy Sauce Packets | Garlic | Spring Onions | New Potatoes | Brown Rice | Flat Parsley | Shawarma Seasoning | Oregano | Mini Cheese | Panko Breadcrumbs | Lemon | Red & Green Peppers | Sweet Potato | Red Onion | Garlic | Carrots | Bok Choy | English Tea | Creme Fraiche.

And the meat included:

300g Flank Steak | 2 British Chicken Fillets | Gilthead Bream Fillets.

And the recipes I received were:

Black Sesame Teriyaki Beef Recipe | Includes brown rice, garlic, spring onion, soy sauce, honey, steak flank, bok choy and black sesame seeds. Black sesame seeds are the same as white ones but they've not been deshelled. Black sesame seeds contain far more calcium than their white counterparts too and the taste isn't affected. This was amazing. Really hearty and filling this was our favourite from all three recipes.

Quick Lebanese Chicken with Veggies | Includes sweet potato, green pepper, red pepper, red onion, chicken breast, Shawarma seasoning, organic lentils, Creme fraiche, salt and pepper. Slow burning veggies, hearty chicken and warming spices. This wasn't a winner with everyone but we've made adjustments since first making this recipe. Again it's an amazing base recipe - you can really alter and change this to suit your own tastes.

Sea Bream Oreganata with New Potatoes & Carrots | Includes garlic, flat leaf parsley, carrots, parmesan cheese, dried oregano, breadcrumbs, lemon, new potatoes, sea bream, salt and pepper. Crunchy topped fish with yummy veggies. This looked gross I'll admit but when you take that first taste.... amazing! I have made this again since but we used skinless fish.

Our first box was a winner. There are no contracts which are why I initially opted to go with HelloFresh. Each recipe works out at around £4.90 per meal and for the most part, each recipe takes around thirty to forty minutes to make. No faffing about, no expensive tools or gadgets are needed and the box really contains everything that you need to create everything. I've kept the recipes and do take them to ASDA's so I can do my repurchasing. I'm thinking that another box is a great idea because sometimes I just can't think of recipes to make. Plus getting everything you need and the recipes take a lot of stress and thought out of dinnertime.

Win-win really. You can read more over on the HelloFresh website.


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  1. I love these kinds of subscription services during the really busy times in our lives, which is why I also relied heavily on them during my move last summer. I've actually never tried Hello Fresh so I'll be checking them out!


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