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Moving Home | Neom Perfect Peace Limited Edition Candle

You may have noticed I've been slightly quieter over the last few weeks, we were actually getting ready to move house. Having previously had house moves fall through at the last moment, I didn't want to publish anything until we were in and settled. Well...

We're in.

Now that we're settled and mostly unpacked I can honestly say it's strange and hard to get used to but, I know in time I will get used to it and it will start to feel like home so I'll continue adding decor items, changing the layout and creating memories until that happens. Before we moved I'd purchased some candles because candles have always been my go-to the decoration of choice due to their ability to make a house homely, smell nice and make the decor look polished and complete. We buy so many candles these days even my sons have a favourite brand and scent and I hope in time that certain scents will invoke happy memories for them just like Frankincense and Myrrh and Lavender did for me as a child.

My Neom candle was sent around about three weeks ago, it had sat in its box the whole time and it took a lot of willpower not to open or light it especially as I could smell it through the box. Once our furniture was in and we were officially 100% in the house the first decor items I unpacked was my Neom candle and popped it in its place in the living room.  Look how beautiful it is guys.

This is the Neom Perfect Peace candle, there is two limited editions Christmas 3-wicks this year from the brand both completely different scent wise but both equally gorgeous. I chose this one because I love the simplistic design which will also look fabulous as we head into 2016. Don't get me wrong I adore Christmas candles, I really do but I just can't bear to keep them out after Christmas has passed.

Fragrance wise this is 'Pine, Myrrh and Lime Peel'. It's most definitely a unique combination especially for a crimbo themed candle but once you sniff it you're hit with the balsam pine which is lifted and brightened with the zingy lime note and warmed with the resinous myrrh notes. Initially, I was worried that it wouldn't resemble a Christmas scent or that the lime notes would overwhelm the pine and myrrh which in all honesty were the notes that intrigued me but it doesn't.

The pine is definitely the main note, the lime note lifts the pine so that you're really hit with scent and the myrrh lengthens the fragrance while providing a warming and comforting depth, just like it does in any luxury perfume. The scent dries down to become this smooth but uplifting scent that's really positively complex. It just makes so much sense to my nose. It really does.

Being a bit of a candle snob I'm well aware of the dangers that candles can bring to the home and to your health. Not all candles are made alike and some are actually really dangerous because they use ingredients that are toxic and once lit, the toxins are transported throughout your home and breathed in. Not so appealing are they? Some of those ingredients include paraffin and lead which has been known to be used in the wicks or retainers, benzene and toluene and even more toxic chemicals are used in synthetic fragrances. Not only is this candle made from real essential oil perfume notes it also doesn't contain any toxins which from a health point of view you can't really beat especially if you have children in the house.

Because these are real notes they also have therapeutic benefits such as lifting your spirits, boosting your energy and relieving mental fatigue and calming you. We use aromatherapy a lot in our house so it's natural that we'd extend this to the candles we use.

As for how it looks, well the picture says it all really. This isn't a cheap candle and is definitely more of a splurge but factoring in the design and the scent as well as the container being thick and substantial in weight and size as well as the silver sprinkling that you see on the side of the glass being made from real platinum you can see why this costs a little more than the average candle. It's pure luxury. Visually it makes me happy. Surely that's all that counts when you're treating yourself, no?

You can check out this particular candle on the Neom website. I really want to add the Mandarin, Cinnamon and Tonka Bean scent to my candle collection next because it's a scent I've never tried and I adore cinnamon and tonka notes. I'm thinking I'll purchase that one in the New Year.

 photo NEW.png

* This was kindly provided by Neom - All words and musings are my own. I was sent this 3 wick candle after specifically choosing this scent, this is my second candle in this scent from the brand, of course, the first candle was purchased by myself *

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