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2015 || The Top Wedding Songs

Weddings are great for many reasons. You get to dress up in your finest; enjoy catching up with friends and families and, best of all, dance the night away.Music is a big part of any good wedding. When the play list is good, everyone has a fantastic time. The right mix of tracks, played by a great band, keeps everyone up, dancing, and having a good time.
If you are planning a wedding, you will love this overview of the top reception tracks for 2015. Use it to both inform and inspire you.

John Legend – All of Me || Romance at its finest. 

This romantic classic is the most requested‘first dance’ tune, although Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight is not far behind. Both songs are slow, gentle and are all about the special bond between couples, so they are perfect for a first dance.

Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud || No-one trumps Sheeran. 

This beautiful song has a timeless quality and wonderful lyrics that are perfect for a wedding. It is great to dance to. Every wedding set needs to feature a few romantic tracks like this one, and it is perfect for that special first dance.

The Temptations – My Girl || A great father and daughter dance song

For the father and daughter dance, this track is perfect the lyrics are right and the tempo is good. Not too fast, so there is no danger of your father breaking into a bout of ‘dad dancing’ halfway through. 

Leon Bridges – Coming Home |Something mellow to break up the night

This wonderful modern song has a classic R&B feel and plenty of soul as well as lovely lyrics. It may not turn out to be an all time favourite, but right now, it is a very popular wedding song.

Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk || Guaranteed to get everyone up dancing. 

Many are calling this track the new ‘happy’. It is fun, up-tempo and energetic. Importantly, it is easy to dance to, so is one of the most popular wedding reception songs for 2015.

Walk the Moon – Shut Up and Dance || Energetic and lively. 

This lively track will get even the quietest wallflower up and on their feet. Walk the Moon is perfect for getting everyone moving again, later in the evening, when energy levels are low.

Timeless classics || Oldies but goodies. 

You will have noticed that some of the tracks on this list are golden oldies. It may surprise you to see these songs featured in a 2015 wedding song list, but they are there because, even after all the years, they are still popular. Some are family favourites. Other songs have been covered; sampled and re-covered many times meaning that multiple generations recognise and enjoy them.

There is quite a mix of genres here, so you need a great band to pull this kind of set list off. 

We were lucky enough to hear an award winning Harrogate wedding band cover all of the above, and more, for a friend’s wedding. To find a group that is versatile enough to play such a varied play list takes a bit of research, but it is really worth doing. The right band can help to create a great atmosphere.

What was your wedding song, what made you chose your song?  

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