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2016 || Five More Collections Coming in The New Year

I did warn you there were plenty of new collections due to launch over the next few months didn't I. Gosh how scary does it sound saying 'over the next few months' when it's still 2015. Anyway I hope you enjoy these sneak previews of what's to come guys.
Givenchy Le Rouge Kyoto Collection | Launching January 2016

Not exactly a cosmetic collection but these limited edition - and I mean limited edition because only 600 are being made - lipstick cases are launching this January and are a must have for any genuine Givenchy collector.
They come beautifully boxed and will leave a huge hole in your purse but, think of the bragging rights. Think of this as an investment into your childrens futures when they decide to trade it in for something of less importance - I joke but seriously they are beautiful and if you have the money, I don't see why you shouldn't spoil yourself.

MAC Velvetease Collection | Launching January 27th 2016

Twelve autumnal shades of lip pencils that will leave you with a vibrant matte pop of colour. These are a must have for any Kylie Jenner lip-look fans. The collection includes:

Anything Goes (rose fuchsia), Aim to Please (mauve brown), Just My Type (blue toned fuchsia), Just Add Romance (deep red), Reddy to Go (deep brick red), Frolic (peachy pink), Oh Honey (warm chocolate), Promise Me (beige toned nude), Temper Tantrum (orange toned coral), Lover's Lane (deep orange), Tease Me (light pink) and Velvet Teen (dark plum)

YSL Boho Stone Collection | Launching January 2016

Described as:

''As spontaneous as the gust of wind that swirls through her hair, as casual as the silk she wears around her neck: the beat of her moods she strides through life, protected by the precious amulets, boho stones: The cultured expression of Boheme, the - Yves Saint Laurent woman par excellence freed from all conventions, full of instinctive sensuality and self-confident femininity''

I think they went off tangent slightly, yes boho or boheme is very emotionally external but I think they've kinda mixed up bohemian freedom with feminism in that quote. Anyway I digress, the collection is filled with shimmers, pinks and mints. It's very girly rather than earthy-bohemian which I'd have preferred to have seen in the chilly New Year rather than the spring tones that are launching.

You'll find:
* Beaute Fusion Ink Blush in four shades which include - Electric Red (orange-red), Spicy Vibes (peach), Pink Attraction (pink) and Edge Berry (purple-pink).
* A collectable face palette called Gypsy Opale which contains yellow, pink, violet and green tones. * Gloss Volute in Corail Trapeze (coral) and Fuchsia Oran (red-pink).
* Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils in Bohemian Pink and Hippie Green, yes really!
* Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres Glossy Stain in Rose Folk (pink) and Tangerine Boho (peach-pink).
* La Lacque Couture The Opalescents in Love (opal pink) and Peace Green (mint with a mother of pearl sheen) - these are both limited editions.

Dior Glowing Gardens Collection | Launching January 20th, 2016

A very light and shimmery spring based collection - it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea but chances are there will be something you 'must have'. The collection includes:

* 5-Couleurs Palette in Rose Garden (green, yellow, pink and lilac) and Blue Garden (peach, gray, blue iris and sky blue).
* Nude Air Compact Powder in two shades.
* Colour & Contour Eyeshadow & Liner Duo in Twig, Hortensia, Orchid, Iris and Water Lilly.
* Nail Lacquer in Bluette, Pivoine, Garden, and Lilac.
Blush in Floral Pink.
* Rouge Dior in Rouge Pimant and Souffle Nude.
* Dior Baume in Rosee and Rosebud.
* Fusion Mono in Equinoxe.
* Rouge Brilliant in Flora, Brise Bise, and Fine Fleur.
* Pro Liner in Pro Taupe.
* Addict It-Lash in It Board.
* Addict Lip Glow in Lilac.
* Addict Lip glow Liner in Universal Pink.
* Addict Lip Glow Pomade in Universal Pink.

Guerlain Spring Collection | Launching January 2016

Another girly collection but it's so beautiful. Like really beautiful. There's a new Meteorites Base with delicate rose pearls - I need that in my life and there's also the Meteorites Voyage Illuminating Matte Powder which is pictured above, it contains gorgeous paste tones to even out irregular skin tones leaving you looking gorgeously gorgeous. If you're a Meteorites fan, you will love these products.

If you're not so much into Meteorites then you'll maybe fall head over heels in love with the new blush - Rose Aux Joes which has the word ''smile'' embossed onto one side or the Ecrin 1 Couleur which comes in Light Daffodil with the word ''enjoy'' embossed onto it. You can't help but feel happy when you see those products.

The Le Crayon Yeux comes in Khaki Driver (olive), Katy Navy (blue), Black Jack (black), Jackie Brown (brown) and Deep Purple (purple) and the Kiss Kiss comes in Darling Baby (light pink) and All About Pink (pink-lilac). They're gorgeous yes, but not the stand out products.

What do you think about these five spring additions? Which is your favourite collection? I'm loving the Guerlain. I've yet to meet a Guerlain addition I didn't love though.

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