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2016 Fortune Telling | What's On The Cards...

We're a very spiritual and bohemian family. We love to ask the angels for help, my sons do so quite a bit with important things because they've seen the almost automatic results and are still dumbfounded by it. We learn about sacred geometry and apply it to our lives in a variety of ways and we use herbs, crystals and essential oils to ail our issues and health problems. It's become second nature for us as it was when I was little to me and my mum and dad. 

I don't really go into this aspect of our life because I've found there's very little interest in the 'unknown' or spirituality but I miss writing about it. It's what I'm passionate about so in 2016, I will be including more of this type of post and posts about bohemia, alternative therapies and day-to-day living. 

We believe that everything has an opposite, similar to the yin-and-yang principle and we believe that everything has a reason and a cause. Even when the poop hits the fan we've come to accept it, make adjustments and wait for the good to come into our lives as we're shifted onto the right path in life. Call us loony but you know what, we've experienced it and wouldn't change this life for a normal non-spiritual one. 

That brings us onto fortune-telling. We're pretty empathetic (well my sons and I, not so much hubster) so can typically get insight into other people's lives. My dad's line (who came from spiritual ancestors such as native American, the Chukotka Eskimo's, Irish and Scottish pagans) was 'psychic' but didn't handle it well but that's a whole other blog post. We've found getting insight into what's to come has been pretty handy, especially if it's not something all that great, getting a universal hey, this is coming, brace yourself has made things a little easier and that's what's leading me to write up this post. 

So what do you need to do? 

Take a deep breathe in and slowly breathe out. Focus on the image below of the three piles of purple cards with blue stars. Decide which pile you're more drawn too and read below to see what these cards are saying about your 2016. 

Keeping in mind they're not 100% specific because this reading is targeted to a wide audience but it should be enough to give you one of those ''hey, this is going to happen'' generalised heads up. So what's it going to be? The left pile, the middle pile or the pile on the right? 

Have you focussed on one pile? If so, read below to find out what your cards mean.


Eight of Swords Reversed | January - March.
The eight of swords shows that you have fears going into the New Year. Worry about not achieving as much as you'd hoped and worry about accomplishing everything that you currently feel needs to be done. Instead of allowing these fears to consume you the swords card helps you to tackle these head-on throughout the January retrograde. The end of January will bring a new, but the clearer drive for fulfilment into your life, a decision to start being productive again and to actually participate in those hobbies, interests and learning courses you'd always wanted to start but never quite got round to without being held back by old fears.

Six of Wands | April - June.
Sixes relate to both positive and negative abundance. You're at risk of losing money from April 28th through to May 22nd. Be very aware of what you're signing for during this period and make any must-have purchases outside of this period to ensure you're money stays on the right path and your abundance flows positively outside of the May retrograde. Previous efforts for change will be victorious during this quarter also and your hard work won't go unnoticed as you're surprisingly praised by someone unexpected. Keep at it, things will get easier especially because you have strength on your side.

The Sun | July - September.
This Major Arcana card signifies that you have a youthful, free-spirit that seeks success, clarity and a deeper grounded relationship. During this quarter you will see relationships that aren't beneficial to you pull back during the first 3/4's of September and the most beneficial relationships come through stronger than ever. Don't worry about the changes, it's nothing that you've done and sometimes change is needed to get you onto the right path in life. Keep in mind when these relationships pullback that the right work associates, friends and loved ones will enter your life stronger than ever making your 2017 one of security, love and happiness. Stay optimistic and don't fight these changes.

Five of Cups | October - December.
Tackling your past emotions will be key to getting through this last quarter. Being aware of the yin-yang theory will stop you from becoming pessimistic, the darkened nights can hit you hard, your brain wakes up during this time and leaves you with a deep feeling of unfulfillment. Don't let this eat you up. To get around this you need to stop viewing friends and loved ones as competition (even if you don't realise you're doing it). Your achievements and dreams are yours alone and happiness will come when you realise this. Face your past, close that book and accept any losses for what they are - learning curves. Cups relate to 'loss' but not a loss in the sense that everything else is spent. Cups shows that you will accept these previous losses but you'll also overcome this by accepting that all things happen to bring good into our lives...

Heading into 2017 you'll start the year emotionally cleansed. Of course, the good thing is you know to expect this, you can start to clear past emotions, built-up blame and inner demons now so you can start the last quarter clear, fresh and ready for what the universe brings.

△ Middle 

Seven of Wands | January - March
Seven of wands show that there's a creative and competitive energy entering your life. Flow with this competitive energy as it's all in the name of fun. Working with it instead of against it will lead you to surprising progression. Applying for new roles within the workplace, new job roles or starting a new business or educational course will be fruitful during this period, get it done now rather than waiting until the next quarter where the opportunity will be lost due to being 'too little - too late'.

Three of Wands RV | April - June
Your confidence is low during this quarter, for those trying to conceive a baby or a new life path the three of wands reversed shows that you need to embrace patience. Don't be disappointed by it not happening right now because it will happen. Use this time to strengthen what you have and to make plans for the last two quarters. Being organised is going to help you tremendously and if you need help during this time don't be afraid to ask for it. Pride never solved anything.

The High Priestess | July - September
The first major Arcana brings hidden truths out. This may mean actual skeletons in the closet but it also shows me that you'll come to realise a whole lot of hidden inner reflections about yourself, body confidence, a change of attitude for the better and a whole goddess persona is about to take over you. Relish in it, you deserve it. Embrace your inner high priestess by using her power to get stuff done, by doing so your inner need for fulfilment will be satisfied. The hardest part for you will be allowing yourself to let go and relinquishing your pride. Have some ''you'' time and stop doing so much for others throughout August and September, let others do things for you.

The Universe RV | October - December
This Major Arcana card shows that you have the ability to achieve so many dreams, your youthful inner beauty transcends and that you really can't fail in new projects. Reversed however, it shows that while you have the ability to do so much and to achieve so much you're currently not. Being a sofa bear is not your friend, get active, push yourself and don't let this opportunity disappear with 2016.

△ Right 

Seven of Cups | January - March
Start your 2016 full of dreams, wishes and plans. Make your list now. Don't be scared to put down crazy dreams either because the seven of cups tells us that yes, you have an ability to dream but you also have an unused ability to the extent your reality further than you ever have done - you just don't realise how amazing you are and that's currently what is stopping these dreams from becoming realities. Build your castles, conjure up a wonderful reality and you may just make it all happen. Find a hobby that boosts your confidence, maybe it's journalling, maybe it's yoga, learning a new skill such as aromatherapy, blogging or even make a start to your own book. Getting your confidence to flow will stop your pessimism from sneaking in and the rest will fall into place.

Judgement RV | April - June
Wow, your 2016 is full of Arcana cards which is pretty amazing because these are big warnings or big helping hands. The Judgement card is telling you that there are opportunities waiting to enter your life, they're waiting to be handed to you - but - your card is reversed. This doesn't mean that you have no opportunities, what it is saying is that you need to accept the changes in your life because refusing to do so will result in procrastination, vacillation and wasted opportunities. Change is hard and if you're struggling with emotions or poor health during this period then get it solved now before you enter the next quarter as the judgement card wants you to help you.

The Fool RV | July - September
The fool takes risks, leaves things by the wayside and is adventurous. When I see the fool reversed it signifies that you need to stop acting like the fool, you need to reign things in with your private life, your inner child and with your spending. If you don't things. will. get. tough. The reversed fool is simply telling you to get your adult head on for this quarter so you can let that fool loose in the next quarter. Bide your time but don't become complacent.

The Magician | October - December
The magician is a creative and beautifully energetic Arcana card that fills your last quarter with a can-do attitude, confidence, willpower and an ability to get stuff done. Spent some time in this quarter connecting with your inner magician by being selfish, meditate, become more mindful and spend time with children if you can because they will ignite your inner enchantress. During this quarter things seem to be working in your favour so ask away, take a risk or two and feel confident in the knowledge that the cards are working with you to make magic happen.

Here's to a better 2016 everyone. 


Statement: Nothing to Disclose


  1. An interesting post, do you get comfort from being spiritual?

  2. Hey Mellissa, I definitely do in the same way that meditation or mindfulness gives a person an inner calm, when bad things happen I can take it on the chin (unless there's lots of bad things) but to be honest it was always so normal as it's how I grew up. x

  3. Ooh wow these look so interesting! I'm not that spiritual, but would definitely be interested in reading more x


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