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Boheme Resolutions || 16 Products For Your Inner Goddess

It's that time of year again where everyone's contemplating what their year ahead maybe like. Most people are planning to be better than they were the previous year - whether that be through diet, fitness, their impact on their planet or how they act towards others. We all have ways to improve ourselves and resolutions allow us to at least consider what we feel could be done to improve ourselves. Whether we stick to them is a different story.

Each impending new year I always feel the urge to be more earth goddess. Leaving a kinder imprint on this world and become less chemical. As a family, we suffer from varied allergies, as a parent though I automatically want to provide an environment that's safer, cleaner, purer for my sons to allow their bodies to grow in strength rather than grow trying to fight off a range of chemical sensitivities and allergies. As a parent don't we always want our children to have better lives than we do?

So that leads me back to the whole bohemian thing. Reducing stress, reducing expenditure, reducing our footprint and reducing our chances of poor health - surely being a better boho is the way forward These products were my favourite 'bohemian' earth goddess inspired products and are ones that I would happily part my cash with.

Earthy, bohemian and Perfect For Spoiling The Inner Goddess.

NEW Cardamom + Spruce - Stra...


LIP BUTTER // Beet Tinted Li...


Vintage Green Sequins 5mm / ...


Cecile - Black - FREE SHIPPI...


Absinthe Lip Balm, Anise Van...


Activated Bamboo Charcoal So...

SUGAR SCRUB // Cellulite-Fig...


NOSTALGIC LOUPE, black pend...


Mineral Eyeshadow - Mineral ...


Handmade Faceted Wood Quartz...


Honeyed Citrus Marmalade -- ...


Premium Californian White Sa...


Eye Coal


Hecate Incense: Witchcraft, ...


Pillow Cover, Inspirational ...


Fern & Crystal Temporary Tat...

Of course, these could also lead to inspire you on your own bohemian journey. The sequins inspire my inner magpie, seeing the beauty in the little things. As a blogger my outlook on small things such as beads, sequins and stones have increased - normally I'd have passed them by without a second glance, but now I see the beauty or uniqueness in them and automatically consider if they'd be nice to photograph. 

The cosmetics are a favourite because they're normally made in small, fresh batches and the ingredients are listed clearly. What I've found from these sellers is that they use less ingredients and less nasties than the big brands but the results are still amazing. 

Handmade products are a favourite also because you're supporting other families instead of large corporations. Getting to know some of these smaller sellers is also possible across social media so you're aware of the love that's going into the production, I've also found the customer service is far superior, that's a huge positive in my opinion. 

If you're trying to cut down on your spending in 2016, why not try to repurpose and make your own products? it's easy enough to do and with only a few basic ingredients. Everything is learnable so go for it! If not, you can check any of these products out over on Etsy

What are your resolutions for 2016?


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  1. Some gorgeous picks here! I love handmade stuff, you know someone actually took the time and effort to create!



  2. Great picks! My New Year resolution is to work more on my blog and increase freelance work so that I can work from home. :-)


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