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End of 2015 Roundup || Looking Back to Move Forward

2015 has been a whirlwind of ups and downs, a roller coaster if I'm being specific. I've never been so grateful to see the end of one year and the new year edge in - typically it all flows as one for me with the only thing changing, is the date. This year, not so much but I remain positive as I always do and I look forward to what 2016 brings.

To put an end to the year online I've compiled a roundup. I'm always interested to read other roundups especially when you look over a few years, it's easy to see just how much we change in such a short amount of time, when things get tough we adapt, when positives happen we adapt and naturally as humans we're forever changing to our surroundings and those we associate to. I find it fascinating, I always have - do you find the lives of others interesting?

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Music That's Got Me Through 2015 

MAX - Wrong  - The words, the tune and phew, that video is enough to take your mind of anything!
Susie Suh - Here With Me  - Beautiful, just beautiful.
Starset - My Demons - Again this helps to make me feel, but boosts me.
David Guetta & Sia - She Wolf - This has a deepness to it, I adore Sia's part in this also.
Sia - Elastic Heart - I can't help but feel a connection to this song and video. It makes me ''feel''.
Ciara - Paint it Black - So deep and dark but 100% awesome.

Favourite Products in 2015 

Fountain Molecule Supplements - I'm already planning my next purchases. Read the review here.
The Footsie Blanket - Like this is seriously the best blanket, come footsie thing ever.
The Green Witch Exhaustion Blend - This is the only thing that's made me feel somewhat 'normal' I apply it to the soles of my feet.
Divergent series DVD's & Books - I can't get enough of the Divergent series. Can't wait for the next DVD to be released.
L'Absolu For Her Narciso Rodriguez Perfume - I've long looked for a scent that's 'me' and this is it. Notes include jasmine absolute, musk, amberlyn, sandalwood and patchouli. It's seriously grown up, sexy and out of this world.

The Best Part of 2015 

My view on life has changed completely, for the positive.
Finally getting settled in our forever home and seeing the positive impact it has on my sons.
Starting a job I love.
Getting closer to those who were in the hospital, being given that chance, that is a blessing in my opinion.
Reconnecting with family members.
Being a part of an amazing blogging group that's lead to lots of amazing online blogging friends.
Making a huge, positive impact on my health issues.

Hardest Parts of 2015

1 car crash - including whiplash and a car write off.
4 family members in hospital - 2 of which were technically dead for a small amount of time. 2 were in intensive care. 1 of which was in for most of the year.
1 house move. I so wasn't ready to move house but in the end, it was the best choice.
Lots of bad health - my youngest son, myself and my husband being hit the hardest.
2 new job moves between my husband and me.
The not knowing if each phone call is news of someone you love having passed on.
Depression and anxiety caused by all of the above.


Be more productive. Fatigue has played a huge part in my procrastination, keeping lists should keep me in check so I'm using every usable hour on something productive.

Apply to university. With my current job security up in the air I plan to apply to university, it's always been a fear because I never felt I was worthy of going to 'uni' but it's the one regret I do have so time to bite the bullet.

Save. I want to make and save my money for future security. I hate when unexpected things happen and you're left stressed thinking about how you can afford x, y and z. I hope to be able to only buy the necessary things and save as much as possible.

Learn to do new things. New Yoga positions, I want to learn to pirouette, I want to start running and I want to learn how to improve my memory. All little things to some but huge challenges for me personally.

Learn how to control my sensitivities. My natural empathy has caused huge problems in how I've functioned over the last year. I want to be able to reign it in when needed, I've heard meditation is good for this so will be ramping up the amount of meditation and mindfulness I do.

Blog with more regularity and drive. I dislike having a blog theme so tend to discuss a range of things with no real theme specification. I'd love to know what you guys look for in a blog to help make this more of a community suited blog so feel free to email me or comment below.

The best thing is I leave all of this behind me as we move into 2016. I love how a New Year feels like a clean slate. I'm super excited to see what this year brings, aren't you?

Happy New Year to you and yours! 



  1. Good luck for the new year! I have to admit, I've heard of basically none of your songs of the year haha, I'm the oldest 27 ever. Happy new year!

    1. To be honest Kitty most have been found Youtube hopping rather than being in the charts haha. Happy Belated New Year hun. x

  2. Good luck for this year, hopefully there wont be a lot of ups and downs! Great music choice and the Divergent series is deffo one of my favourite book series to read x


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