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Flamingo Gifts | Cutest Gift Guide

I find I'm different from many of my friends when it comes to spending my money and what items hit my wishlist. Some of my closest friends think nothing of dropping hundreds on a top, shoes or the latest hair gadget - honestly, the thought of spending so much on one item freaks me out. I much prefer little things that look nice, are functional to my day to day life or have multiple purposes. 

When I come across websites that house hundreds of products that make me go 'ooh' and 'aah' then I know I'm going to become a long time fan, Flamingo Gifts are one of those websites. They stock many covetable brands such as Bombay Duck, Orla Kiely, Wu & Wu and Sass & Bell. 

This recent haul was made up of cute little items that are functional, affordable and look amazing. It's these types of items that I feel give any visitors to my home an understanding of my personality and style preferences. 
▼ ▼ ▼
Sass & Belle Roe Deer Jewellery Dish  // It's so cute and a great place for laying my favourite pearl earrings in once I'm home from work (adore pearl earrings) or my necklaces. At least I'll know where they are and hairy boy won't attempt to clear them up and lose them in the long run - he's naughty like that. This is also in the Flamingo Gifts sale guys.
▼ ▼ ▼
Enchanted Unicorn Plasters // Yes they're plasters but they're unicorn plasters! Let the magical unicorns heal your ouches. These come in 2 designs, in a cute metal [reusable] tin and a fee (non-magical) looking skin tattoo is included - yes, I also was slightly confused by the mean-looking skull head?? 

True fact - Did you know the unicorn is the national animal for Scotland, no...? Well it is *big cheesy grin* 

▼ ▼ ▼
Pyro Pet Kisa Candle // This has been on my wishlist since before its conception, well kinda. It had been designed but hadn't hit the creation stage when I started coveting it and now I have my own. Pyro Pet has since made quite a few animal variations and while this is a cool candle I can't bring myself to burn it. If you're not into grey tones this actually comes in two colours - pink and grey; I opted for the grey because grey goes with everything in my home. 

This is an image of what the Pyro Pet will look like once burnt...
▼ ▼ ▼
Ah, scary! 

The inside holds a metal kitty skeleton. It's so awesome, isn't it? 

The great thing with this is it looks cute and modern before it's burnt but once you've burned away the wax (apparently there's 20 hours worth of burning) it suddenly changes from being a cute kitty to an evil, jagged toothed kitty skeleton - if you watch your wall as it's burning you'll also see the change happen due to the shadows on the wall. 
▼ ▼ ▼
This Retro Kitten Makeup Bag has ample storage for my must-have cosmetics and is wipeable too. I have no problem popping this in my bag and pulling it out when the need to boast about cuteness takes me. 
▼ ▼ ▼
I am that woman who takes her mug to and from work. My work calls my Folk Owl Mug the 'barrel' because it's really large and circular and holds p-l-e-n-t-y of coffee which saves me having to continually refill it and make everyone else coffee (evil laugh) - a bit mean I know but I know that you're all now contemplating buying this to get out of coffee making at work aren't you?

The Folk Owl Mug comes in two colours - this pretty pink and there's also a mint green option. 

The Enamel Folklore Teapot also comes in varied patterns but, this one called my name as it reminded me of a Rob Ryan design and I adore his work. It's perfect for filling up before I start work on my blog posts so I can just re-pour as I need to, the 950ml capacity means I can get about two-barrel sized mugs out of it in one sitting. Honestly, though I had planned to use it as a vase. Once it arrived I decided it was too cute to not use it as a teapot. 

▼ ▼ ▼
I have many jumbled cunning plans in my head which need to be organised. Will I take over the world? Who knows but at least I'll have my cunning plans down on paper. Of course, you can use Great Ideas Notebook for project planning, learning, blogging and even business. 

These were all from Flamingo Gifts who stock the cutest and most unique gifts. You know at Christmas when you've bought all of your loved one's gifts and you get to the wrapping part and there's always a few things you consider keeping for yourself... well this store has those types of gift. You have been warned guys, you have been warned. 


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