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Maybelline Baby Lips || Baby Balm & Blush

A quick post to end the year and to give you a heads up about these little cuties. Maybelline Baby Lips plan to launch five products called Baby Lips & Blush. I know there are some Baby Lip die hards out there so chances are this is going to be a must buy for 2016. I'm no die-hard but even I can see the appeal of these because they also look super adorable.

This dual-purpose products aims to offer you a balmy hint of colour that you can use both on your lips and on your cheeks. I love balmy cheek products because they suit everyone and they leave you with infallible results. Have you ever noticed that someone, say a friend or even a co-worker looks better but you can't quite work out why? Well typically I find it comes down to that youthful glow which you can get from using a dewy or cream based blush among other reasons.

I've not tried these products so I can't say how well they'll perform but I do know they only give a sheer hint of colour and nothing too in your face, if you like a bright pop of colour they may not be right for you but for the most part these would make excellent additions to your spring-summer cosmetic wardrobe or the cosmetic bag of a teen or someone just getting into makeup.

I actually only started wearing blush about three years back because most blush just looked too false on me - if this had been around then it would have made a great beginner blush product. I'm guessing the colour maybe build able - again it's just a guess.

The colours that will be available are:
Booming Ruby
Flirty Pink
Juicy Rose
Innocent Peach
Shimmering Bronze

These are due to launch into Boots in January and will cost £4.99. What do you think about this dual-purpose concept?


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  1. im wondering how it looks like and hoes the consitency really. I like lipbalsm but i try to avoid the aweful sticky ones.

    1. Apparently it's balmy without the gooey stickiness - maybe like Vaseline but with less stick (terrible at explaining haha). x

  2. Booming Ruby sounds like my type of shade. These look great, I love the packaging.

  3. That's the one I like the sound off too Leesha. x


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