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Rewined | Pinot Noir Candle

Quirky candles tend to look amazing but rarely pack a punch once lit. This hasn't stopped me from purchasing candles if they look nice but, you know, it's always a benefit to have a functional product and a product that looks lovely.

I recently heard about Rewined when looking for candles for my new house. Rewined is an American company who started because the owner worked in a restaurant initially and wanted to do something with the numerous empty wine bottles. Heading to market with his new concept candles, word of mouth grew and long story short, we now have Rewined Candles on the worldwide market.

So you'll have already noticed that those used wine bottles are repurposed into candle tumblers. Wine bottle glass tends to look nice and is quite thick so really, it makes the perfect vessel for holding a candle. The fragrances are also based around actual wine types and when you light the candle it gives off a warm amber and green glow to the room, nothing beats the winter season than some cosy PJ's, some hot chocolate and gorgeous candles glowing in the background, am I right?

The candle pictured above is Rewined's Pinot Noir fragrance. Pinot Noir contains fresh fig, cranberry, with leather and violet middle notes on a base of earthy musk notes. The result is an absolutely gorgeous, unisex scent that could totally pass as a perfume (hint, hint Rewined). There are many other options such as:

Cabernet | Notes include black cherry, currants, smoke and toast.
Champagne | Notes include white grapes, honeysuckle and bread.
Chardonnay | Notes include vanilla, butter, hazelnut and cedarwood.
Merlot | Notes include pomegranate, plum, violet, rose and vanilla.
Pinot Grigio | Notes include minerals, citrus and oak.
Riesling | Notes include tropical fruit, Asian pear, honey and citrus.
Sauvignon Blanc | Notes include mint, fresh-cut grass, herbs and grapefruit.
Rose | Notes include rose petals, white peach and pink peppercorns.
Spiked Cider | Notes include fresh apple, cinnamon, clove and spiked deep rum.
Wine Under The Tree | Notes include freshly cut blue spruce and light zesty citrus.

How amazing also does the Chardonnay sound for this time of year? I was in two minds about that one and this one, to be honest. Wine Under The Tree seems to be a massive hit also on their Facebook page and chances are it probably would be but, it's possibly one of those ones you have to smell to appreciate first off.

So back to my candle, I have a terrible habit of going off tangent. The notes on this candle hit your olfactory system easily at both hot and cold sniff, the scent travels but it won't travel throughout a house of say three bedrooms or above. Certain scents have been known to be more delicate but the Pinot Noir wine candle is definitely smellable and will fill my living room and downstairs area.

The candle burns evenly, there's no spluttering from the wick or mushrooming (so far anyway) and the jar seems to be safe and is holding up to the heat. Overall I've nothing negative to say, if I had to be fussy I'd have loved the scent to have travelled further but that's only if I'm being picky.

There are a few places selling Rewined candles in the UK including Rewined's Etsy Store and there's also Urban Outfitters too. If you had to chose which candle scent would you have chosen.


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  1. What a fantastic way to reuse wine bottles. I love the fact the candles smell of wine. I can imagine these making fantastic gifts.

  2. These definitely sound like interesting candles, I have been looking for some new ones to try, and these certainly fit the bill


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