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Time to GLOW | Fountain Glow Molecule

My favourite past times include researching genetics, keeping up to date with health-related science news, holistic beauty, training towards new qualifications (wholeheartedly believe that continuous learning new skills keep the brain and our souls young) and movies. I love movies. It's fair to say I'm not your typical girly-girl but that's OK, I embrace my inner geek.

As mentioned above some of my passions is health, holism and science. Deciem combines all three of those qualities and the brand itself has recently become one of my absolute favourites not because they're unique but because the results of their products never fail to impress me. Deciem is the parent brand to Hand Chemistry, Inhibitif, Hylamide and Fountain to name a few.

I've previously discussed my love for Hylamide's SubQ Anto-Age Serum and their Photography Foundation. Since the inception of their sister brand Fountain, I've had their molecule supplements on my wish list. I didn't automatically purchase one because I tend to be quite funny with supplements and well, any type of medication whether it be orthodox or holistic. I wanted to wait until they had been tried and tested, so I could read a few reviews and see how the company grew - unfortunately for me this only resulted in me wanting every single Molecule they created and finally I decided now was the time to get my supplementation journey started.

At present there are ten Molecules available:

The Beauty Molecule
The Beauty Molecule Extra Strength
The Glow Molecule
The Geek Molecule
The Energy Molecule
The Happy Molecule
The Hair Molecule
The Super Green Molecule
The Phyto-Collagen Molecule
The Hyaluronic Molecule

All ten of the Molecules are formulated so they are suitable for vegans. The hyaluronic acid ingredient can be found in each of the formula's and helps to hydrate the skin and slows down ageing.

So what is hyaluronic acid? 

Behind the super scary sounding name, hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide which plumps up the space between the cells in the body acting as a  cushioned protective bumper. As we age we lose some of this carbohydrate which leaves us looking, well, a little bit older. We no longer hold that fresh-faced plumped-up skin that most relate to being young and beautiful but, this molecule enables us to get that back. In time of course. While it improves our ability to protect it also increases the hydration in the skin which of course helps to plump up the look of our skin.

When most people in their thirties, forties and above start to notice the decline in their skin they would typically reach for the creams, potions and erm, injections. While this affects the outside of our skin the actual works need to be done from the inside out. HA Creams and gels may help but they will only temporarily help our appearance and will leave a pretty major dent in your purse especially with HA being a trend ingredient (and for good reason). Seems like a better idea to take that HA and put it on the inside to work its magic, no?

Did you also know that supplements need to be bioavailable to our bodies otherwise you'd be as good as throwing away your well-earned money? Most people have taken supplements believing it's going to improve their health but unfortunately unless they are coupled with something else that enables the body to absorb them they will just pass through our digestive system without being absorbed. Absorption is key to health and Fountain have created these molecules to do just that. 

For example, most vegetables are fat-soluble. A lot of people eat veggies and green smoothies because they contain little to no fats, what they don't realise is that you need fat to take in the minerals and vitamins within their veggies and green smoothies as they are 'fat-soluble'. The same applies to supplements. There are water-soluble vits and fat-soluble vits. 

Are there any other ingredients? 

The glow molecule also contains phytoestrogens which help your body to naturally produce hyaluronic acid, no need to worry about buying more supplements to go along with your molecule or having to change your diet because two teaspoons a day is all that's needed. The main ingredient in this molecule is R-Glutathione, this ingredient helps to detox your body and that prevents damage, decreases free radicals and reduces oxidative stress which contributes to the signs of ageing.
Initially, I was worried that I would hate the taste because I rarely enjoy the taste or smell of any medications or supplements. The bottle read that it was supposed to taste like 'acai' which really meant nothing to me because acai doesn't tend to taste like much at all. On day one I tentatively took out my teaspoon and poured some of the clear, syrup-like liquid onto the spoon and braced for a backlash of chemical tasting yuck. 

It never happened. 

It tasted unusually good and delicately berry-like. Taking the second spoon was a doddle and it's been the same every day since. I found there was no horrible after taste, no weird symptoms but I did find a couple of positives pop up within a fortnight. 

The first being a change to my hair - and - the second being a change to my skin. I've had quite a lot of hair loss lately and nothing's reducing the amount of daily shed. As some of you may know also I ended up being diagnosed with cystic acne about two years back which has been a nightmare, again things have helped ever so slightly but not enough. The Glow Molecule has absolutely reduced my hair shed to that of a normal healthy scalped woman and, my cysts have reduced. This is currently my PMS period in the month and normally my face would be breaking out left, right and centre. I currently have a cyst (small) on my forehead, but my skin has definitely improved. It's not perfect and still needs work but I feel positive about this helping even more in the long run.

I'm not grumbling though because it's only been a few weeks, I was expecting to see nothing until around three months or so which is typical for most good supplements, so two weeks is pretty damn amazing. Maybe down the line, I'll get brave enough to post a no-makeup before and after. Until then I'll continue taking my two teaspoons a day. 

Currently, Boots have a fab deal on The Beauty Molecule which is in the sale for £24.99 or three bottles for £40. They have a similar deal on The Hyaluronic Molecule and there's more in store also. You can check those out on the Boots website and Look Fantastic also sell the whole range too.


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