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Weddings || How to Get the Wedding Photos you Really Want

For most people their wedding day is the most important of their lives. It is a special occasion, one that they want to be able to remember in detail and one that they will want to share with future generations. Your wedding video and photos play a big role in whether you can do so. It is vital that you employ the right photographer and videographer. Provided you hire the right team, of course you will end up with photographs and a wedding video you can be proud of and you will cherish for many years. However, hiring the right photographer is only part of the story. 

Read on to find out more about the other steps you need to take to make sure that you get the wedding photos you really want. Following these three simple tips and I guarantee that you will end up with the magical wedding photos you want. 

The Right Location

The venue you choose has a big impact on the look and feel of your photos. It is always a good idea to look for a venue that gives you a choice of backdrops for your wedding. The Cheshire wedding venue Heaton House would be ideal. At this award-winning venue, couples can opt to get married either inside or outside. This means that you get a choice of backdrops for your wedding photos.

For those who opt to marry outside the Oak Pagoda offers views of the Cheshire plains. This gives you a beautiful natural backdrop. Alternatively, you can marry in one of the two barns. Each one is finished differently. Clever lighting combined with the right decorative touches transforms these spaces into a contemporary, traditional, or any other kind of space you want.

If you choose a venue like this, you really can create your own little world with its own ambiance. That goes a long way to ensuring that you get the wedding photos that you always dreamt of.

Be Clear About What You Want

Once you have booked the right venue, you are in a position to discuss things in more detail with your wedding photographer.  This gives the person you have hired to take your photos the chance to fully understand what you want. It also gives your photographer an opportunity to explain what is possible and what is not.  

If you have any specific shots you would like to see recreated in your photo album show your photographer examples of them. This will let him or her work out, in advance, if they can be recreated. If they can be, they will be able to bring the right equipment to your wedding and get the necessary shots to recreate the same shots for you.

Follow The Photographer’s Lead

On the day, it is important to listen to your photographer and follow their directions. You may feel a bit odd doing some of the things they ask you to, but they are positioning you in that way to get the shots they need to create great photos.

Do you have a wedding coming up or wish you'd planned your photo's better? I know I do, I wish I had chosen my photographer more wisely - and - when we renew our vows in 2017 I'll be sure to capture the day in the most perfect way. 

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