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8 Tips | Creating an Unique Outfit

Creating unique outfits is one of the most fun parts of getting dressed. You don’t want to look the same as everybody else so, adding your own personal touch is important. The 8 tips in this post will help you make any look your very own

Include Something Vintage

If you wear a lot of modern clothing, including something vintage could be just the tip you need to give your outfit that unique edge. You can’t go wrong including the odd vintage item here and there. People will beg you to tell them where you buy your clothes, and you can smugly tell them that it’s vintage! Nobody else will own what you own, and there’s no better feeling than having a totally unique clothing collection. 

Customise Your Own Clothes

If you missed my previous post you can find it here: things to do with your old clothes your own clothes can be lots of fun and save you a tonne of money. You can even make your own clothes from scratch if you’re willing to be patient. You could do handcrafted knitwear, dresses, or anything else your heart desires. It just takes a little practice and a few supplies! In some cases, all you need is an old pair of jeans and a pair of scissors!  

Don’t Be Afraid to Clash

Don’t be afraid to clash colours and patterns. Bright blue worn with yellow might feel like an eyesore to some, but it’s actually a very good clashing colour combination. If you’re brave enough, you’ll be able to pull this off and so much more! 

Always Accessorise

Always accessorise your outfits to get the most out of them. You should aim to fill in the gaps, so to speak, each day. You might just need a necklace to finish off the outfit. In some cases, lots of bangles and stacking rings. It all depends on your style and the kind of outfit you’re wearing. 

Don’t Follow Trends

Don’t follow trends if you want to look unique. Trends are trends for a reason, so only follow them if you feel they suit you perfectly and you know you’ll get your wear out of them. 

Take Tips from Designers and Stylists

Designers and stylists have some amazing tips, so read up on them and see what you can learn. For example, Gok Wan can take regular accessories and find multiple other ways to wear them to create an awesome outfit. 

Pay Attention to Smaller Details

The smaller details will make a big difference in your outfit, so pay attention to them. Things like your socks and even something like your earrings can be the finishing touch to your look. 

Love the Clothes You Wear

Loving the clothes you wear is the key to looking amazing. Don’t wear something because somebody else wore it. Don’t copy your favourite blogger or Instagrammer. Wear the clothes you love and you’ll go far! 


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