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Beauty Trends For 2016 || What Should You Expect

You're going to see a lot of these beauty prediction posts, it's to be expected at the start of the year but hopefully, they'll not all be the same as mine. I've tried to consider the brands that are moving in and out of the market place to judge what may be popular this year (wow still feels strange saying this year). I don't think there's going to be any majorly huge changes this year although I do feel that we'll be toning things down - less orange glow, clown face, super long lashes, overdone nails and hair and more pumped up natural with a highlight on colour over design. Especially with hair and nails. Here's what else I think's going to change...

Facial Steaming 

Old ways did differently. We see it every year especially when it comes to facials. 2016 is no different as we're taking the traditional facial steaming treatment and changing it up with varied additions. Herbs, essential oils and even tea will be used, I'd not be surprised if we see some sort of super-ingredient being touted as the next in thing for facial steaming either.

To save some pennies you can purchase your own herbs if you can forgo the incredibly cute packaging. I recommend:

Rosehips - for maturing skin. Rosehips are chock full of vitamin c goodness so get some in your steamer.
Lavender - Speeds healing, is great for combination skin types.
Calendula - Soothes dry or inflamed skin types.
Marigold - A great all rounder. Heals, soothes and hydrates.
White Tea Tips - Gold! white tea is a great antioxidant and detoxer.

Overhyped Science Laden Skincare Marketing

2016 will see skincare brands become more 'scientific' and less naturally marketed. With words such as engineering, DNA, enzymes and cellular regeneration being thrown out consumers will be snapping them up. We've done the whole holistic, pure and natural skincare thing and as consumers we want more. The only thing is, the marketing doesn't automatically mean it's better or less natural. You'll find many of the scientific products or brands actually use similar ingredients such as fruit enzymes, marine and botanical based ingredients and vitamins.

Look more closely at what you're buying and judge it based on what you know works rather than any fancy attached 'hyped' branding. Don't pay heavily for the marketing guys. There are brands such as DNA Renewal which are quite new which do this already but that being said, their products look pretty amazing. I've yet to try them out but even the packaging is made to look like test tubes. There's no hidden agenda with this brand as far as I can see so they are worth a look in at least.


Palettes, we can't get enough of them. Typically palettes hold between four to twelve shades of product at a push. 2016 will see the risk of the super palette. These bad boys hold more product but are clearly thought out, the packaging is made to hold everything neatly and if you're taking into account a cost per use calculation, these bad boys are worth every penny. Morphe Brushes launched these gorgeous mega palettes filled with every colour you'll need for each season, no need to change things up and think of the blending capabilities...
Lip Liners

The Kylie Jenner effect isn't going anywhere. I predict bloggers and hipsters will try to take the humble lip liner and change it into the 'new Kylie Jenner lip effect' always taking something that works (or doesn't work depending on how you view it) and changing it. If you hate that your lipstick slides all over your face then I would recommend Lipstick Queen, Nudestix and OCC for their lipliners. The good thing is you can top with a clear lip balm if you dislike matte effect lips.
Korean Skincare 

K-Beauty is already huge and isn't going anywhere. That's it, I predict Korean beauty will be coming into the UK in abundance. So many people have had to search for UK sellers of K-Beauty or have tested the Ebay waters fearing they will receive a fake product (and not knowing if they have) but more UK beauty stores have taken note and will be stocking Korean beauty brands such as TonyMoly, Blossom JeuJeu, Mizon, The Face Shop and Etude House will be hitting our shores and yay because this means we can be sure it's the genuine product.

What are your 2016 beauty predictions?


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  1. I have a hair steamer that has a face attachment that I never use. I'll have to try it. I'm predicting a lot of matte lips in 2016.

  2. The mega pallet... it seems I'm cool then as I have things like this in my car. After the engine goes off out comes the pallet. Good old number 7 at boots. :)

  3. I actually never seen beauty prediction post so this is very intresting, as a interior blogger, I learn something really new!


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