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Benefit Cosmetics || Dandelion Shy Beam Liquid Highlighter

Benefit lovers, there's a new highlighter on the market! 

Well, sort of. Benefit Cosmetics launched their new Dandelion Shy Beam Highlighter late last month, the product gives the wearer a radiant, but matte effect glow with a nude pink undertone. Basically it's the sort of highlighter that's going to look far for all skin tones and types especially because some leave you with overly white or fairy like sparkles. I hate also that some highlighters can be quite clumpy, oily or overly shimmery, apparently this one isn't like that and going by previous experience of their similar products I'd expect it to be equally as amazing. 

You can team this with your moisturiser for a shimmery leg look or decolletege, wear it under your foundation for an understated highlight or over your foundation and makeup for a specific glow on the cheeks, nose or brow bones. If you love the look of contouring on other people but aren't much of a cosmetics wearer yourself you can use a good highlighter to draw attention to specific features and to tone down others. 

Highlighting or fairy lighting is the new 'in' thing for 2016 also so you'd be getting in on the trend early. This is a liquid highlighter also so it's longer lasting than powder and far more easy to blend, blend, blend. 

The bad news is that it launched into Sephora here. It's not hit the UK yet and I've no date on it hitting our shores. Hopefully it does, if not then it's a Sephora haul for me. What are your thoughts on this new launch? 


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