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How To Get Started || Making Your Own Jewellery at Home

If you like to get creative, then making things at home will likely appeal to you. You can make anything, from vases to flower arrangements. However, one thing you might find appealing is jewellery making. There are a ton of techniques and methods you can use to make unique things for yourself or loved ones to wear. You could even make a business out of it. Here are some tips to help you:


Buy books that you can study to help you come up with some ideas, inspiration and techniques. There are lots out there depending on what sort of jewellery you want to make. There are even books that can give you an idea of lots of different types if you’re unsure. Buying books can be a great place to start, so read reviews and find some good ones. I'd also recommend creating an inspiration mood board, Pinterest is great for this but be sure not to directly copy other peoples work, inspiration is great because it makes you aware of what you like and dislike, giving you direction so you know what to start making. 

Do a Workshop or Course

There’s nothing quite like getting some one to one tuition and instruction with a workshop or course. You can usually find some great deals online, so make sure you check them out and see if anything is on near you. You’ll get to keep whatever it is you make in the class, and it’s a good way to find out whether it’s worth buying more supplies or not. Many metal smith will show you how to work with precious metals and create beautiful jewellery, so they are a good place to begin. 

Watch YouTube Videos

Sometimes, you might learn what you want to know by simply checking YouTube. Type in what you’d like to see demonstrated and you’ll more than likely be able to find it. 

Sourcing & Buying Supplies

When you know what you want to make, it’s time to buy your supplies. You might need precious stones, wire, pliers, beads, and other things to make your jewellery. Wholesale suppliers will allow you to buy your items in bulk, which is a great idea if you want to make lots of things or start your own business. I'd recommend joining some Facebook pages to speak to other business users who use wholesale. You want to ensure you're using a wholesaler who's reputable. Failing that Ebay and Etsy are great sites for low cost findings and beads. 

Practice Makes Perfect 

Keep on practicing. Take photo's of your work so you can see how you're developing because it's hard to see progression when you're being hard on yourself. The physical photographic proof will help you see it more clearly. It’s better if you practice with cheaper stones, beads and findings first also until you’re confident with your technique. Then you won’t waste any special stones or time making something that just doesn’t look good or wear very well. 

Taking The Next Step 

When you’ve kept your hobby up for a while, it might be a good idea to turn it into a business. If your creations are good enough, you should be able to make a good income, even if it just supplements your current income. You don't have to turn it into a business, but it can be a good way to make some more money and share your talent with others. 

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