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How To Making Quitting Smoking Easier To Cope With

You might remember that a few months back, I shared my story about quitting smoking with you. Well since then, I’ve have so many people ask me how I coped, as they’ve tried and failed to quit, time and time again. This got me thinking about how you can make quitting easier for yourself, it’s never going to be easy to quit, but you can make it more manageable. To making quitting smoking easier to cope with, here’s what you need to do: 

Know your motivation 

You need to have a reason to want to quit, else, I’m sorry to say it, but you won’t succeed. For me, when I quit a few years ago, my motivation was my family, and it worked. I’ve been cigarette free for over six years, and it feels great. 

Whether you’re quitting for your family, for your health, or for the financial benefits, you need to know your motivation. Having something to focus on is important, as when you’re struggling, it’s your motivation that will get you through. 

Don’t go cold turkey 

The mistake that many smokers make when they’re trying to quit is opting to go cold turkey. Quitting will be ten times harder if you cut nicotine out altogether, and you’ll be more likely to fail. Your best option is to use some form of nicotine replacement product, be it nicotine gum or an e-cigarette, it doesn’t matter. It’s a case of thinking about what will work best for you, if you only crave nicotine, patches or gum could work well. 

However, if you miss having something in your hand or mouth, an e-cigarette could be the best option. The great thing about e-cigarettes is that all you’re inhaling is flavoured steam and a little nicotine, so it’s a lot less damaging to your body. For a range of perfect starter e-cigarettes and best e liquid flavours, have a look online. 

Tell friends and family 

A big mistake that many of us make when we’re trying to quit is not telling friends and family. By keeping the fact we’re trying to cut out cigarettes a secret, we leave ourselves vulnerable. If a friend who also smokes doesn’t know you’ve quit, they may offer you a cigarette causing you to relapse. 

That’s why it’s best to be honest with your friends and family when you quit so that they can help you. When you’re trying to stay on track but are craving a cigarette, the last thing you want is someone to offer you one as you just might cave in. That’s why it’s so important that you tell all your nearest and dearest that you’re trying to quit so that they don’t tempt you. 

Keep yourself busy 

If you want to ensure that you stay on track, you need to keep yourself busy. You’ll find that if you’re bored, you're twice as likely to want to smoke, and may end up caving in. That’s why it’s important to keep yourself as busy as possible. 

Clean the house from top to bottom. Bake a cake with the kids. Take your children to the park to play football. Meet the girls for coffee and a chat. Watch a movie with your husband. Keep your mind busy and you’ll be less likely to give in and smoke. 

Quitting smoking is never going to be easy, but with these tips you can make it more doable.

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