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What To Look For In A Great Wedding Photographer

The wedding photographer is one of the most important parts of your dream wedding. One day, you’ll want to look back on your big day, and remember every aspect. Good photos will bring the romance, happiness, and warmth of the wedding flooding back. That’s why it’s crucial to get the photography just right. With a sharp eye behind the camera, you’ll have something to remind you of the special day. But, how do you go about choosing the right person for your wedding? Especially if you don’t know anything about photography.

Look at their portfolio

The truth is, you don’t need to be a photography expert to spot a great photo. Great photos speak for themselves. The composition, lighting, and style is easy to spot. Make a shortlist of photographers in your area, and take a long look through their portfolios. Remember, you’re not just looking for someone who takes a good photo. You’re looking for the person whose style you love. Do they capture an atmosphere and a spark in their pictures?

Their manner

The manner and personality is also quite a big factor when making your decision. This person will become a big part of your wedding day. So, you’re looking for someone who will slot in nicely, and get the photos you want. You’re looking for someone who is commanding and confident (to make sure they get the photos you want). But, you want someone who does this with personality and charm. It’s a rare thing in photographers, so make sure you meet up, and get a feel for their general manner.

Do they listen to what you want

When you sit down with your photographer, make sure they’re listening to you. Not the other way around. It’s your wedding after all! Do you want someone who blends into the background, getting all the natural shots? Or do you want a strict set of formal family portraits? If they’re taking notes, and contributing ideas back, then you’ve found a good photographer. You’re looking for someone to work around what you want.

What’s their style?

Every photographer has their unique style and ideas. Take a look at Weddings by JP, and you’ll see one particular style, for example. Does their idea of a good photo align with yours? Some might use vintage cameras for a more rustic look. Others are crystal clear, bright images. The photography should reflect the atmosphere of your big day, so chose a style that suits. 

Their cost

Last of all, you’ll want to take your budget into account. We often say that it’s worth paying for the best possible photographer. After all, these photos will last you a lifetime, and you want the very best. But, we understand that paying for a wedding is tough! Try to find a balance, but we don’t recommend skimping on your photos. You’ll feel disappointed forever if you do.

Choosing your wedding photographer is a big decision. Follow these rules, and go with your gut instinct!
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