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5 Ways | Creating A Cool Teenage Bedroom

Teenagers can be notoriously difficult when it comes to interior design. They don’t want fluffy teddies and animal wall stickers anymore and they’re not quite ready to go for more sensible and reserved adult decor. The aim is to find a middle ground, which offers your teen a cool hangout, which is also suitable for studying and getting a good night’s sleep. These five simple refurbishment tips will help you to create the perfect space for your teenager this spring.

Think about colours

Children’s rooms tend to be neutral or bright. With teenage rooms, it’s often best to add splashes of colour with accessories or a feature wall. Choose your teen’s favourite shades and add accents with lamps, cushions and rugs. For a modern touch, go for a printed wallpaper on one wall. Zig-zags and stripes are popular patterns. If you’re not blessed with artistic flair, you could also invest in a wall sticker.

Get some ideas

With a blank canvas, it can be tough to envisage what your room will look like with certain design elements. This is where research comes in handy. Flick through some interior design magazines and search online for images and inspiration. Once you have seen some pictures you like, you can start thinking about how they would work in your home. Share your thoughts with your teen and encourage them to do their own research and give you some dos and don’ts.

Create a functional space

A teenage bedroom is not just used for sleep. Teenagers like to hang out with their friends in their room and they may also need space to work, watch television or play computer games. A sofa bed is an excellent way to provide seating during the day and a spare bed if friends want to stay over. If you’re tight on space, you could invest in a work station with a bed over the desk. Box shelves are an ideal way to provide storage for books and files. They also look modern and funky.

Show some personality

Interior design is a fantastic way to express your personality. Take the opportunity to show off your teen’s hobbies, interests and individual style in their bedroom. Personalise the space with photographs or canvases and show off their interests. You could pay homage to a passion for music or sports, with band posters or sports memorabilia, for example. Keep accents subtle for a more mature look and choose your teenager’s bedding carefully. Go for colours and prints that complement the rest of the room.

Store stuff discreetly

Storage can be an issue in smaller bedrooms, so search online and look around interior shops for clever storage solutions. It’s always best to hide clutter, so invest in some discreet boxes and drawers. Innovative ways of creating more storage space include using:

Drawers under the bed
Vintage looking chests and trunks
Fold-down shelving units.
Chalkboard paint behind closet doors

If your teenager’s bedroom is in need of an image overhaul, follow these simple steps to achieve design perfection. Get your teen on board, share some ideas and enjoy the decorating process together.

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