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Beauty Tips || Spring Makeup Change Up

I am so ready for Spring. It brings with it brighter days and a sense of new life. Naturally it means I can think about brighter and lighter makeup. When I think about Spring makeup, I think about subtle pink tones on my lips, a delicate rose finish on my cheeks and lovely wide and long lashes. A real pretty look. I see spring as a chance to give your skin a little TLC after a harsh winter. I thought I would share my spring beauty recommendations and tips. 

A good base.

I think spring is the perfect time to tone down the heavier makeup. While this can scare some people you can still achieve an even complexion without full coverage foundation. That is why I think spring is the perfect time to embrace a good BB or CC Cream. BB and CC creams cover but without the added caking. They also have the the added benefits of being a moisturizer and with a decent level of SPF, it’s the perfect spring to summer base. If you find BB or CC creams are too orange or not light enough for your skin tone I would suggest a colour correcting CC cream - this is what I use. I have really light skin but it's irregularly toned due to redness and pigmentation. The green colour correcting CC cream neutralises the redness while then turning into a a foundation based moisturiser. It's really magical.

You can spend as little or as much on a BB Cream. It’s up to you. My recommendation is to try a few out and find the perfect match for your skin and look. Don’t go for a darker shade as this could take away from the more natural look especially because you're only going to cover your problem areas and then blend, blend, blend your complexion to perfection. (I was a poet and didn't know it).

Blush and bronzer

Blush and bronzer can go a long way however highlighter and bronzer can go further in Spring especially if you've got your CC, colour correcting base on. Highlighting your cheekbones and anywhere that the sun would hit can give off a real dewy, youthful complexion. Using bronzer on your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin is a good place to start but don’t be too heavy-handed with it. 

If you can't go without your blush then choose one or two shades lighter than you've gone for in the autumn and winter. I would then suggest using a nice rosy blush or cream blush for your cheeks and a good illuminator for your cheek bones. The illuminator can give you that dewy look. NYX have an excellent selection to take a look at. 

It’s all about the lashes. 

Spring is the time to ease off the eyeliner and just focus on those lashes. Investing in a good lash lengthening mascara and some eyelash curlers will give the desired effect. Add to your eyelid either a pinky or gold shade to give a subtle finish. Of course, you can still use eyeliner for a little definition. Maybe you could use an off black or grey toned pencil eyeliner rather than full on liquid blacker than black liner.

Let’s talk about lips. 

When I think about spring, I think about pastel tones, natural tones and a hint of colour. I tend to keep the brighter tones for Summer or when the sun's out. Again I'd recommend keeping your coverage light and natural, lip stains, gloss, tinted balms and liquid lipsticks are your friend. I'd veer away from the full coverage matte lips and lip liner as they can look quite heavy and drying. 
For the evening you can absolutely take your look darker by choosing deep corals, orange-reds and rose pinks to get that full looking pout that's so popular right now.

Spring also means a chance to take care of yourself on the inside and out. A chance for a fresh, clean start now the days are getting brighter and longer. Most people spring clean their homes but why not your life, health and wellbeing? Spring's as good a time as any so really go for it. Plus new makeup always makes me feel happy but remember to get rid of your really old products as they might be expired or harbouring some unseen nasty bacterias.

What do you like about spring? Do you have any makeup techniques to share for the season ahead?

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