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Naural Beauty || Bring Out Your Natural Features

Have you ever looked in a mirror and started to pinpoint everything that you don’t like about yourself? As hard as it is to believe I think everyone gets to that point. Let’s face it, you can say we are all beautiful. But there is a concept of beauty for both men and women. We know what beautiful people are supposed to look like. We base this concept off celebrities, models and society’s opinions and perceptions. I know I’m getting a little philosophical here so let’s jump back. The point I’m trying to make is that there are certain traits of beauty, characteristics that embody that concept.

If you want to be beautiful, all you need to know is what the key traits are. Then, you can work on your own appearance, focusing on these key traits and areas. Before you get any ideas, I’m not going to suggest changes that are too drastic. I don’t want everyone searching online for a plastic surgeon. This isn’t what this post is about. Today I’d like to show you how you can bring out the beauty that is already there. The features we will be talking about are your eyes, your smile, and your skin. These are the features that most people will notice when judging whether or not you are beautiful. So let’s look at how you can improve these features.

Your Eyes

Ask any guy- who's not an idiot- and they’ll tell you the first thing they notice about a girl is their eyes. I think it’s true for girls as well. When you’re interested in someone, one of the first things you’ll do consciously or subconsciously is look into their eyes. Now some of our blessed with eyes that are beautiful colours. But we can all make our eyes more distinguished. The first thing that you can think about is getting rid of any wrinkles around the eyes. Obviously, there are plenty of creams and beauty treatments on the market to get rid of wrinkles. You can try one of them if you like. But I’m more interested in natural treatments.

One natural way to reduce wrinkles around the eyes is by using an eye massage. By massaging the skin around the eyes, you can work to get the elasticity in the skin back and smooth it out. You may also want to try an eye, facial mask. With a mask like this, that can be made of natural home ingredients, you can get the youth back to two of your best features.

It’s also important to understand the types of things that can damage the beauty of your eyes. Excessive smoking and drinking can both cause damage to the skin around the eyes. Or for you to age faster, so it’s worth staying away from these harmful substances, particularly if you want to keep your beauty. I know celebrities drink and smoke all the time and still look stunning. But don’t forget that you only see what they want you too.

Your Smile

Contrary to popular belief, teeth aren’t naturally straight. At least, not perfectly straight in the way Hollywood would like you to believe. Even if you get braces, your teeth will naturally revert to the way they used to be. That’s why you have to wear a retainer for the rest of your life after you have them. Otherwise, in the night, the teeth will go back to the way they were. But now there are plenty of options for people who want straighter teeth. You can, for instance, get a permanent retainer. Permanent retainers aren’t the nightmare they used to be. They are completely invisible to the human eye and provide a protective layer over your teeth.  If you’re completely insecure about your teeth, this is one of the options that you could consider. For more info on dental cosmetics check out freshdental.co.uk. There you’ll find all you need to know about braces and retainers.

But straight teeth aren’t the end of the issue here. You also need to think about the whiteness of your teeth. There’s a reason Hollywood actors spend a fortune on getting their teeth to look whiter than white. White teeth are visually attractive and yellow teeth aren’t. It’s as simple as that. So, if you love your morning cup of coffee, make sure you’re brushing your teeth regularly as well. Or, if you want your teeth to look naturally white you can try a treatment. You can mix baking soda and lemon juice together until it forms a paste. The paste can then be spread across the teeth and in a few weeks, you will have them look pearly white. As well as this, you should consider staying away from substances that stain your teeth. Anything with caffeine or sugar in can be harmful to your teeth so you should make sure you brush after eating or drinking anything with this in.

Your Skin

I’ve already briefly mentioned skin on this post but let’s go into it in a little more detail. Obviously, you want to make sure that wrinkles are taken care of. But you should also think about how clear your skin is. A lot of people have issues with spots, but most of these can be remedied with the right natural treatment. You can try drinking more water or wearing a facial mask at the weekend. This will help clean your skin and get rid of the dirt that causes spots to develop. You should also be careful about how much makeup you wear. I know a lot of girls wear foundation and thinks it looks great. I partially agree, it does cover up all the blemishes and makes your skin look flawless. However, it is bad for your skin. If you wear makeup a lot when you’re younger, you’ll pay the price in your later years.

I hope you find this information helpful and remember that true beauty isn’t just about looks. But if you’re looking for a confidence boost these are some of the steps you should take.


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