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Fashion || Style Tips For a Trip to The Races

Now that it’s finally starting to get a little brighter and warmer, I thought it would be a good time to have a think about getting out and about. And a trip to the races is a great excuse to get outdoors to enjoy the big race-day atmosphere and even place a bet or two!

But as always, the big question is what to wear? Thankfully, I’ve done a bit of research on past racing events such as the Grand National, and so here are some fashion tips that offer a good bet for looking perfectly stylish at the races.

High stakes fashion

With events like Ladies’ Day at the Grand National now featuring prize money for the best-dressed attendee, it’s clear that the stakes are getting higher for our race-day look. Plus many racecourses now have somewhat restrictive dress codes that attempt to affect our decisions over hem-length and even our choice of headwear.

The important thing to remember is that many of our big racing events can involve standing outdoors all day, and as such it can be a good idea to think about layering up with a chic cropped blazer so as to retain your ladylike shape without freezing to death!

Millinery choices


A big part of any race-day look is deciding what to put on your head. Most of us would probably agree that a broad-brimmed hat would probably look a little bit old-fashioned, and whilst flower crowns seem to be slowly arriving from music festivals into the race-day wardrobe, this look probably isn’t for everyone.

So this is why it can be a good idea to do a little online research and find a good bespoke milliner who can advise you on headwear that will escape the attention of the fashion police, whilst giving you the confidence to take a flutter on one of the early Grand National favourites at Coral’s website that makes the process of betting surprisingly simple!

Aesthetic touches

The main thing that I’ve come to understand about racing fashion is that it seems to be like dressing up for a wedding or a glam evening meal. So don’t feel too much pressure about dressing up like the Queen, and instead feel free to indulge your own particular tastes.

Once you’ve taken care of the dress codes by making sure that your shoulders are covered and you have a below-knee hem length, it seems like you can be free to go for bright pastel colours, extravagant floral patterns, and entertain the idea of getting that bold fascinator that you’ve always dreamed of.

So much like you’d do some research on the Grand National betting before attending the main event, just be sure to check in with the racing style blogs and live out your racing fashion fantasies!

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