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Helping a Friend Pick Special Jewellery

Perhaps your friend has been left some inheritance money that the giver wished would be spent on a truly individual piece of jewellery. Or maybe their wedding is coming up, and they need a hand picking their band. These are just two reasons that your friend might need your help when it comes to shopping for jewellery. The item they pick should be loved and cherish for years to come. So can you help ensure this happens? Read on for a guide to the questions you should be making sure to answer along the way. 

What jewellery does she wear the most?
Although it might be tempting to go for something a bit different, stop and think. Ask you friend; are you sure you will wear this? For example, is she is looking for a watch but has never worn one before? If so, is the reason for this because she finds them annoying, or uncomfortable? If this is the case, it doesn’t make much sense for her to chose the same item again. Suggest she invest in something she already wears often. Perhaps she always has lots of rings on, or never leaves the house without a pair of earrings.

Can the professionals help?
Quite simply, of course, they can! If it’s a more expensive item your friend is looking for, guidance is of particular importance. With diamonds, for example, Your Diamond Guru offer tips and advice free of charge.  Professionals will have great advice for your friend, and may suggest things she hadn’t thought of. They’ll also be able to give an insight into the more complex things, like sizes and materials.

Has she considered lots of different options?
Even if she finds the perfect piece in the first shop, tell her to consider walking away for a while. Shops are usually happy to reserve pieces for a few hours while a decision is made. She might find something she loves even more in the next shop. Or, seeing lots of things she doesn’t like as much could help her make up her mind.


Is it good enough quality to last?
It can be tempting to cut corners on the price. However, if this is a special piece of jewellery, it is really important that it last. For this reason, be sure to buy from reputable retailers. Also, ensure she considers; can the material be cleaned easily and cheaply? Can it be plated in the future if it starts to become worn? These questions must always be asked. The answers might help guide the hunt in a new or a final direction. 

Is insurance affordable?
For expensive jewellery, it isn’t just the cost of the item that needs to be considered. It is also the cost of the insurance. Insuring it goes without saying, and will allow your friend to relax when wearing it. But she must first ensure that she can afford to insure it, and keep it insured in the long run.

If this is the case, and you’ve explored all of these options, then hurrah! You’re done!

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