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Lush || Spring & Easter Products

Have you noticed that it's staying lighter for longer and that the flower buds are starting to poke out of the grass? I have and it makes me so happy. The last winter was one that was brutally cold and while I'm not overly a sun worshiper I am looking forward to a bit more daylight and prettiness out in nature.

I also know you guys adore the Lush brand so wanted to give you a heads up about the products that have just launched for Spring, and the ones that will be coming soon. While I don't use them as my skin's a bit poop and doesn't react well to any of their products I will continue to feature them as much as possible.

Let's take a peek...

△ Spring 

Flowering Tea reusable bubble bar || £4.95 Neroli and rosewood oils scent this faux teabag bubble bar, once you drop some into your bath you'll quickly find yourself bathing in a giant teacup of exotic blue cornflowers, orange flower absolute and rich rosewood. Inner calm here I come.

Ladybird bubble bar || £3.95 This contains only 13 ingredients which is pretty low in comparison to other branded similars. Describes as being a 'hot floral' scent you'll find sweet geranium and peppermint fills your bathroom with gorgeous scent.

Ladybird gift set || £15.50 This contains 3 products -  Sunflower bubble bar, Honey Bee bath bomb and Ladybird bubble bar.

Sunrise soap || £4.25 Inspired by the sun and the stars this soap was formed with layers of Sicilian mandarin oils and juicy tangerine. To scrub away your grime the soap has ground shell in it and the core contains organic silken tofu and murumuru to moisturise.

Rose Bombshell bath bomb || £3.95 The outer shell breaks away once you start to fizz this bath bomb. Inside you'll find petals, Sicilian lemon and floral geranium oils.

Rainbow gift set || £11.95 This set contains Ultraviolet bubble bar and Somewhere Over the Rainbow soap.

Ultraviolet bubble bar || £4.95 Not only does this look amazing, it also sounds amazing. Violet and jasmine bubbles with rosewood and rich floral notes.

Tulip reusable bubble bar || £5.95 - Coming soon. The scent is ylang ylang, clary sage and jasmine which is said to be the same as Sex Bomb Ballistic.

Roller bath bomb || £3.95 Coming soon. Apparently it's half bath bomb and melt. Scented with orange oil and tonka (I love tonka!).

Over The Rainbow bubble bar || £? Lush Oxford Street exclusive. This rainbow bar smells like neroli and Sicilian mandarin.

I'm loving the overall feel to these products, the change from Winter into Spring when everything gets brighter, happier and overall more awesome.  The ones above also feel a tad retro, and retro and spring team exceptionally well - I'm enviously loving each and every one of these.

And there's also Easter guys...


Good Egg gift set || £26. Contains 6 products which includes - Humpty Dumpty bath bomb, Fluffy Egg bath bomb, Golden Egg bath bomb, Dragon's Egg bath bomb, Brightside bubble bar and The Comforter bubble bar.

Which Came First? bath bomb || £6.95 Crack open to find the large pink egg, inside you'll find a chick which lasts for around three generous baths.

Humpty Dumpty bath bomb || £6.95 Bergamot, Brazilian orange oil and a hidden inner egg.

Bouncy Bunny shower jelly || £3.95 Brazilian orange oil to brighten and tone, carrageenan extract to soften and the option of chilling the jelly in the fridge to wake you up. It's a win-win really.

Bouncy Bunny gift set || £18.95 Contains 4 products which includes - Spring Bunny bath bomb, Bouncy Bunny shower jelly, Somewhere Over The Rainbow soap and Brightside bubble bar.

Carrot gift set || £19.95 Contains 4 products and includes - The Experimenter bath bomb, Bunch of Carrots, Spring Bunny bath bomb and Fluffy Egg bath bomb.

Bunch of Carrots || £6.25 Presumably these are bubble bar carrots, I can't be all that sure. They are scented with buchu, lemon and grapefruit though and look awesome.

Funky Bunny gift set || £14.95 Contains 4 products which includes - Bouncy Bunny shower gel, Purple, Orange and Pink mouldable Fun dough.

Tweet bubble bar || £3.45 - Coming soon. Apparently it looks a bit like a mutated Tweetie Pie and smells like orange.

Down the Rabbit Hole bubble bar || £3.95 Coming soon. Summery pink, orange and yellow, this bubble bar is supposed to smell something like Layer Cake.

Sunflower bubble bar || £4.50 - this is an Oxford Street exclusive. Much larger than the others this is one citrusy bar with tons of lemon oil. While this is exclusive you can also find this in one of the Mother's Day gift sets.

Spring Bunny bath bomb || £3.50 - Again this is another Oxford Street exclusive. It's shaped like a cute yellow bunny and smells like Sicilian lemon.

These have literally just gone live on Friday so you can shop, shop, shop right now over on Lush.com  Which is your favourite product?

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