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Money Making || Rewards For Your Daily Activities

It’s important to save money where we can, and to get more bang for our buck. But we don’t talk about actually making more money all that often. With a family to raise and a job to go to, where do we get the time to make more money?

There are several ways technology is rewarding people for doing things they already do. They’re not large amounts, but every family knows that every little helps. Small amounts of income and gifts come in so handy over time. 

Get rewarded for watching television and listening to music

If you've got a family, chances are you're watching a lot of television together. You will also be driving around quite a lot, going to work and picking the kids up from school. That probably means you’re listening to the radio a lot, too.

Have you ever turned on the TV and wondered what that television show is? Or turned on the radio and wanted to know the name of that funky track? There is a way to easily find out while also earning rewards.

Viggle is an app that rewards users for watching TV and discovering music. It’s an alternative to the popular app Soundhound. You can tap a button on the app; it will use your phone’s microphone to listen in for a few seconds. The app rewards users with points, which can be redeemed for things like song downloads and gift cards. Users have redeemed about $19 million in rewards since the release of Viggle!

Earn by talking to friends and family with online messengers

We’re always communicating with each other over the Internet. When your children are old enough to have a mobile phone, the whole family can keep in touch using fun messenger groups. New software is actually allowing people to earn rewards for doing things like this!

There’s a free Skype alternative that shares its revenue with its users. WowApp is a chat app available for Android and iPhone. You can also use it on your Windows computer or your Mac. Much like Skype and WhatsApp, you can make cheap calls with it as well as exchange free text messages. If you’ve used either of those two apps, you will be very familiar with how WowApp works.

According to WowApp, they share 70% of their advertising revenues with their users. Users are rewarded by inviting others to join WowApp. You can choose to keep the rewards for yourself or to donate them to one of two thousand charities. 

Get paid to download apps for Android and iPhone

We’re always downloading apps these days. Even the other two things mentioned in this article are apps! But did you know you could get rewards for doing just that?

AppNana is an app that promotes other apps. When an AppNana user downloads one of these apps, they are awarded ‘Nanas’. How does it all work? Well, AppNana has become a great way for companies to make their apps popular. So those companies will pay AppNana to feature their apps. AppNana then passes a portion of that profit to their users. 

You can trade AppNana points for cash or vouchers. One really cool thing you can do is get vouchers for Xbox Live. If your kids are gamers, this is a great way to save money on their hobby.

Get paid for completing surveys in your spare time

OK so this one takes a little bit of time but how much time do you waste each day procrastinating? I've tried so many sites that offer money for surveys only to find that midway through the [lengthy] surveys you're thrown out for suddenly not matching their required demographics. I've also tried other sites were I they promised good money per survey only to find you were never matched to actual surveys. How infuriating. It actually turned me off survey sites for around a year.

Then came along Prolific Academic and Mintvine. These two sites are different in their approach to surveys however, both allow you to earn point that are then converted pretty quickly. Prolific is basically a survey site that uses the data for research. It's purely surveys. Mintvine you can cash out at 1,000 point (equal to $10 gift card for example Amazon). Prolific you need to have £5 or more to cash out via Paypal. You'll meet the cash out points pretty quickly.

So, hopefully this helps you get started in order to make 2016 your best year yet guys.

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