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My Advice For Surviving University

Are you planning on heading to university at the end of this year? I bet you’re already exciting and optimistic about the challenges and experiences that await. I can tell you that you’re in for a fantastic time, and you’re going to love almost every minute of it. But there are some pitfalls of uni that you want to avoid, and that’s where this advice is going to help you a lot. I’m going to tell you some of the mistakes students typically make during university so that you can avoid them when it’s your turn.

Appreciate Being A Fresher

A fresher is the affectionate term people who survived the first year of uni give to newbies. You might be wondering why they refer to you like this and it’s quite simple. You’re so innocent that you have no idea the trials and tribulations yet to come. But you should appreciate your first year for one simple fact. The climb only gets steeper from here. Believe it or not, university isn’t a time when you’re thrown in at the deep end. You are standing with your feet only ankles deep in water when you start university. You can think of it like this. Try to remember how difficult the first year of high school seemed. Now think about how easy it would be for you now.

Don’t Underestimate Multiple Choice Exams 

Multiple choice exams might seem at first like a gift from the heavens, but they are anything but. Ah, but the answer is written down on the page, you say. I just have to find it. Yes, but there are two pitfalls here. The first is that once you learn it’s multiple choice you’ll study less and fail the test. The second is negative marking. Negative marking is a form of grading that some university professors love. It means that you lose a mark for every wrong answer that you give. It’s a death sentence for a multiple-choice section of the exam if you’re not prepared.

Find A Way To Study

Believe it or not, one of the first things that you’ll learn at university is that everyone is different. You don’t all band together. You will be separated into different clubs, societies, friendship groups and halls. In a way, it’s just like high school and that’s why you’ll need to find your way to study. It’s not always beneficial to group study. Particularly if the group is using a method that doesn’t work with your type of mind. If you want my advice, try Revision App. Using this, you can craft and create your own multiple choice questions to help you study. It’s a great way to learn. 

Don’t Go Out Every Night 

Some students make the mistake of thinking they can go out every night and still pass with flying colours. They think this because there’s always one person who manages it. But like I said we’re all different and just because they can, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to. Go out a maximum of two nights a week and spend the rest of your time relaxing at home or catching up on work. 

I hope you find this advice useful and love your time in higher education.

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